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Sunday, May 30, 2010

5K #2, and a new PB, whatever it may be

Ran my second 5K yesterday. I ran my first about a month and a half ago. They bookmark my thumb ordeal. I ran the first on the day before I dislocated it, and I ran this one the day after the pins were removed. Anyway...

This was the Run for the Bonifest, a local race. A little more than 700 people participated. Last time, my main goal was just to run the whole thing; this time, I had a plan. Not much of one, but still. I wanted to push myself just a little the whole time. Just run a little faster than whatever I was doing.

Run for the Bonifest
Before the race with my SIL and her friend. The fact that we are right underneath the margarita sign is pure coincidence. Really. But very appropriate. :)

Run for the Bonifest
Awaiting the start. I'm really not a fan of having to weave past all the slower people...no more so that all the people who have to weave past me, I'm sure. One nice thing was that they started the walkers at a different location!

Run for the Bonifest
...and we're off!

I had my Nike+ all ready on my phone so that I would know how long the run took me since this wasn't a chip-timed race. Right as we neared the actual start line, though, I got a text and hit the wrong button trying to close it. I couldn't really see the screen because of the sun, so I just figured screw it. After about 1/2 mile, though, I was really missing my music, so I took off my armband, got the music going, and started the timer. Lesson learned here: I really need to use my sports watch or just my iPod rather than my iPhone. Less worry about shorting out my phone with sweat then, too!

Run for the Bonifest
Coming in for the finish. The last leg included a hill...it wasn't steep, but it seemed to go on forever. Some guy right behind me tripped and fell hard on it. Sucks to go out right at the end of the race. :( I was so glad to be coming to the finish that I didn't even notice there was a clock showing the time. In my defense, it was on the mens' side. Then, I stood drinking my water for a bit before I remembered to shut off the timer on my phone. So until the times are posted, all I have are so lousy partial stats and guesses.

My Nike+ showed 2.59 miles in 24:07 with a pace of 9:17/mile, and the hills were in the back part of the run. I'm pretty sure my first part was faster. A friend who finished right around me had a time of 28:14, so I'm guessing that's pretty close to what I had. Guess we'll see. I was pretty pleased overall, though, because it was already pretty hot and humid at 8:30 in the morning, and I was able to finish around when some people who've been running quite a bit longer than I have did.

Update: results were FINALLY posted, I don't know when because I finally gave up on looking, and my time was 28:00. A definite new PR! Whoo hoo! ...of course, I've failed to equal that since, so now I really need to pour it on. :)

Family fun...in which "fun" is a relative term

Last weekend we took the boys hiking. After tons of rain, busy athletics and drama schedules, and work work and more work, we needed to get outside and do something together. And by "together", I mean all of us in the same location, since Hamlet was rarely within sight of us. Something about being grounded brings out the pissy side of him, I guess.

We looked in our copy of 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of St. Louis for somewhere near to go. We get stuck in our rut of Marquette Park and never get much of anywhere new. Cliff Cave County Park got the nod. After all the rain we've had lately, it had some pretty muddy parts.

Cliff Cave County Park

We didn't see any sinkholes, and there weren't any rocks to climb on (a favorite activity of all my boys), but we made some fun where we could. Tarzan lives!

Cliff Cave County Park

Early on in the hike, we've already lost Hamlet...

Cliff Cave County Park

Making our way down a steep, slippery slope to see the cave...

Cliff Cave County Park

The cave (you can enter if you get a permit)...

Cliff Cave County Park

Three boys, one smile...gotta love teenagers...

Cliff Cave County Park

Trying to splash us by throwing rocks into the water...

Cliff Cave County Park

It was a great day to be out, though the boys did their darndest to change that. Hamlet and his silent treatment were annoying, and then Junior spent the first 75% of the hike throwing a fit about having to carry his own water bottle. You're six, buddy, time to buck up. That said, you notice that, in the later pictures, I'm the one carrying it. He wore us down.

Even so, I think we did an awfully good job of staying positive and ignoring the attitudes. Trying to act lovingly to them even through their behavior is a struggle I lose all to often. Score one to the good.

Monday, May 24, 2010

In which I get dropped by my punk kid

My plan Sunday was to run Make Tracks for the Zoo, but my failure to commit and the other 3,000 people who did commit left me plan-less for the day. Having already decided I was going to do something, I checked what Trailnet had to offer. Berry ride? Strawberry shortcake at the end? Sign me up!

Jocko, my 15 year old son, had agreed to go to the zoo to take some running pictures for me (fee payable in donuts), so I asked him if he wanted to ride with me instead. The boy hasn't ridden a bike in over a year, so I knew he'd say no. He, of course, said yes.

Since a non-rider was going, I decided we'd only do the 18 or 27 mile rides. Last year, other than training rides up to the Katy Trail tour, my shortest organized ride was 63 miles. I rode a century. Yes, it took my 10 hours, but I pedalled 100 miles. I'm at least a junior stud. So 27 miles felt a little like a step down.

I gave him a brief rundown on following the road markings, passing etiquette, riding in traffic, made sure he knew the hand signals, etc., and we set off together. I told him, "It's nice that you came....why did you come?"

"Because I don't have my phone. And there's nothing to do at home. And since I don't have my phone, I have to get out of the house and do something." (Jocko's way of coping far beats Hamlet's silent treatment/hide in his room method)

Rock on. We stuck together for a few miles, he effortlessly staying a bit ahead of me on my brother's mountain bike, me huffing along on my hybrid, and then on one of the hills he looked back at me like, "Are you coming?" and I, fool that I am, told him, "Go on, I'll catch up." Meaning...don't slow down as you go up the hill...wait for me at the top. And then he was gone.

Never did see him again for the rest of the ride. That's cool. I spend lots of time riding alone, and at 6'4", 205 pounds of muscle, nobody's going to mess with him. I'd just catch up with him at the end of the ride. And let me tell you, even if I "only" did 27 miles because he was with me, I was looking with some longing at the 18 mile route where they split. I haven't ridden any miles to speak of since my singletrack debacle, but you'd think the running would put me in decent stead. Not so much. Add a nasty headwind, the hottest day so far this year, and an ill-advised bike glove pulling on the one remaining pin in my hand, then mix in a broken spoke and bent up back wheel (just bc they call it a hybrid doesn't mean you should take it offroad. Lesson learned. Get thee to the bike shop).

photo.jpg Very pretty rural route

photo.jpg Note the skillful composition (snort)

My brother Cappy had finished the 27, got a drink, walked around the fairgrounds a bit, then rode back and met me about 5 miles out. We ride into the fairgrounds, no Jocko. Can't call him, because if he had his cell phone he'd still be at home. No set meeting place, because I hadn't planned on separating. Cappy has a seat in the shade, and Mommy that I am, I start walking the circuit...fairgrounds, to the truck, to the church where we started, to the fairgrounds...repeat. About 4 reps of this and I run into my boy as I'm walking to the church.

"I've been looking all over for you! Where have you been?"

"Uhhh...I made a wrong turn and rode 42 miles."

And it only took the non-cycling little sh-- and hour longer than my 27 took. Clearly I need to learn to push myself. So today, my ass and my ego hurt.