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Arkansas High Country, day 4: emotional quicksand

Somewhere in the Petit Jean mountains to Waveland
63.2 miles - 5,911 ft elevation gain - 9:05 moving time/12:28 elapsed time

My setup was relatively light, and I slept warmly and comfortably in it, but I watched enviously as Mikey packed up his hammock and was ready in no time. Eventually he got tired of waiting on me and rolled. I didn't leave camp until around 7 a.m.

Morning facebook post: "Day 4 is for Cheri Becker, Lisa Anne, and birthday girl Sherri Stout. I have another 60 miles to go without services and at least one monster climb. Once I get to Mt. Magazine State Park (~mile 60) I’ll figure out my plan for the rest of the day. Supper last night was Korean BBQ pork jerky, which the very nice and very talkative man at the store below Queen Wilhelmina SP gave me, and I believe breakfast is going to be pecan pie. Time to pack up and head out!"

Looking back at that morning post now is like rereading my diaries. So optimistic, so totally unaware of the an…

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