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Arkansas High Country, day 12: The long road home

June 19, 2019 ~ Fifty-Six to Little Rock
138.6 miles ~ 14.5 hours moving time ~ 9,246 feet

The nice thing about staying in a hotel is that there's no need to pack up a tent the next morning. On the other hand, it's a lot harder to leave. Still, I was excited enough about my (hopefully final day) that even with taking the time to drink multiple cups of coffee and make a morning facebook post I was on the road by 6 a.m.

135 miles to go. I don't know if my legs have 135 miles in them, but this will be the easiest day elevation-wise since day 1. Easy being a relative term at this point.
(Spoiler alert: It was not, in fact, the easiest day since day 1. It actually featured the third-most climbing of the race, and though the climbing was spread over more miles, my legs emphatically did not appreciate this distinction.)

The forecast once again warned of the distinct possibility of storms, so I was once again very nervous about the weather. Until it struck, though, I was happy to en…

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