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2018 24 HOC

We'd signed up forever ago, back in March maybe, when I was riding my bike regularly and had the shining hope that when 24 Hours of Cumming got here I'd race it on the bike I'd been trying to buy for nearly a year. By mid-July, I had a titanium Salsa Fargo frame sitting in my living room, a few parts on order, and my lowest bike mileage since I don't know when.

One major spending spree later, I had the majority of the parts I needed and drove them all to Mickey's for assembly. The plan was for us to build it together so I could start gaining, if not some basic bike skills, at least a better understanding of them.

Several hours later it actually looked like a bike. Short on time and determined, against all advice to the contrary, to race my new bike the following weekend, on Monday or Tuesday I took it to my local shop for the rest of the work. "When do you need it?" they asked.

"Well, I'm leaving Friday morning, so...Friday morning?"


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