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Arkansas High Country Race: gear details

I recently participated in (and, spoiler alert, finished) the inaugural Arkansas High Country Race, a 1000+ mile bikepacking race that rolls over what felt like every high point in the Natural State. I definitely plan to write a race report, but writing the story of my 12-day odyssey feels even more overwhelming that riding it. A simple details page seems like an easier place to start.

My bike weighs about 28 pounds, plus I started with 18 pounds of bags/gear not counting food and water. I know there were ways to cut weight (I did end up sending a couple pounds' worth of items home after Russellville/mile 417), but my main focus was a set-up that would keep me safe and comfortable enough to get to the finish line.


2019 Salsa Fargo ti, carbon Firestarter fork, double-wrapped Salsa Cowchipper bars, 36/24x11-40, SON dynamo hub powering a Sinewave Beacon light. Brooks Cambium saddle, Teravail Sparwood tires 29x2.2, SRAM rival brakes.

What worked: Overall my bike weathered the race…

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