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Shawnee bikepack v2.2 - hike-a-bikepack

Part 1
Part 2

Commentary by Chuck in green.

We got plenty of rain overnight, but my tent stayed dry and, if not exactly warm, tolerable. Even better, the weather cleared just in time for us to wake and pack up. All my gear made it back onto the bike with no drama, though I did switch the big tarp from my front roll to the seat bag. I'd only made the change because I'd had to keep adjusting the tarp the previous day, but later in the day I'd appreciate the extra layer of protection over my Wal-Mart dry bags.

With maybe 5 miles to go before we hit Makanda and Giant City State Park, we opted to wait to refill water. I mean, we'd probably be eating second breakfast at the coffee shop within the hour. We ate our first breakfast of gas station danishes (not nearly as good as the cinnamon roll dinner), then rolled out, foolishly optimistic that the overnight rain had fulfilled the wet weather forecast.

Chuck: Gas station danish (+1). Leftover burrito in jersey pocket (-1). We d…

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