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Shawnee bikepack v2.2: recitation of woes

Part 1: Friday
Part 2: Hike-a-bikepack

"You keep going on about adventure...Adventure is no more than discomfort and annoyance recollected in the safety of reminiscence."
~ Marco Polo's dad in The Journeyer, p. 81
Day two of our bikepack was the truest possible reflection of this quote. The rain continued after we left the singletrack, both water and wind hitting us more steadily absent the protection of the woods. Our long-anticipated coffee break in Makanda was not the respite we'd envisioned. There were more uncomfortably close passes and unfriendly stares from drivers than in all of my previous Southern Illinois rides combined. And my low-grade fear about the coming night was the background static to this shit-show.
Having survived three hours of Shawnee hike-a-bike, Chuck and I were relieved to reach pavement and ready for a break somewhere warm and dry, a feeling exacerbated by the road. The rain had left us both soaked to the bone, and we'd traded she…

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