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2018 Year in review

I had actually declared 2017 to be a cutback year of sorts, one where I scaled back on racing so I could have more family time and leave room in my schedule for adventure. Despite my good intentions, I think I raced as much as ever that year. 2018, however, was a different story. Little surprise to anyone who's ever waited on my late arrival to a group ride, I was just running a year behind schedule.


Bike miles:  326.1
Foot miles:  48.6
Training/racing hours: ~43

January started off strong, a combination of two trail races and the gift of a smart trainer (thanks, Christine!) that actually got me excited about riding my bike inside.

Once again my year began with a foot race, where I logged a decidedly non-ultra 12 miles at the Little Woods Progressive Ultra. This was a particularly fun year because my sister-in-law and friend joined me. It was also remarkable for the weather; a start temp of 0 degrees gave me a new cold weather PR.

That 12 miles at Little Woods was the majori…

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