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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One more thing about the weekend...

Our camping weekend was wonderful, no question. I don't want to neglect to mention one neat thing about it, though. The weather forecast was rain, rain, rain for Saturday evening and Sunday morning. My FIL said something about us getting wet. I said, "No, it isn't going to rain until 1:30 tomorrow." (When I figured we'd be safely home). He just laughed, and I was speaking wishfully rather than confidently.

I later told Jeff that I'd been praying all day Saturday that we wouldn't get rained on. It is still difficult for me to talk about praying to him/in front of him. He replied, "I guess we'll see if God listens to you." Teasing, mostly. I wasn't worried about it. I figured if it was supposed to be dry it would be and if we got wet we'd be fine. I even felt a little silly praying for good weather for camping, but since God cares about the small things for us...

Well, it didn't rain on us. At all. It didn't rain anywhere we were until our car was unpacked from camping. There was, however, rain on the roads in towns we passed. Just not where we were. God is good.

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