Saturday, March 9, 2013

New bike :)

On Monday, this came in the mail.

Airborne Delta cx
My long-awaited cyclocross bike, an Airborne Delta.
I'd stressed out during the wait between ordering and receiving because while obsessively googling my new bike (Yes, I always do my best research after already committing.) I'd come across a thread about the Delta and some issues with peoples' bikes being damaged in transit.  While the box looks like it's traveled the world, I'm pretty sure it's been used before and so any spot with a hole was reinforced with cardboard inside and the bike was protected by foam padding and lots and lots of bubble wrap (bonus entertainment!).

Airborne Delta cx
Some of the packaging
 I had to wait til Thursday before Chuck and I had a time when he could put it together for me.  Sure I could've done it myself, but I know how much he likes working on bikes.  I mean, the guy had a multi-part series on building his own gravel bike.  He lives for this stuff.  It would be selfish of me to take it away from him.

Airborne Delta cx
Chuck doing his magic.

Actually, while I probably could have fumbled my way through putting on the seatpost, handlebars, and pedals (all the "assembly" necessary), he also adjusted the brakes and front derailleur, both of which are beyond me.  And he taught me how to use the SRAM shifters, which complete the three bike/three different shifting systems trifecta that pretty much guarantees that, no matter what bike I'm riding, I won't remember how to change gears.

Airborne Delta cx
Check me out, riding in jeans. I'd totally fit in at Ray's in this outfit.

Once the bike was together and adjusted, it was time to take it outside and make sure the seat height was good.  I pedaled around the driveway a couple times, and it felt pretty much perfect.  The only problem I had was some toe overlap if the wrong foot was forward when I turned, but I was wearing borrowed shoes with the cleats further back than mine. Hopefully it's not an issue in my shoes.  Otherwise, everything was great, and I can't wait to ride it for real tomorrow.

Airborne Delta cx
So happy together...

This bike and I are going to get well acquainted over the next few months with lots of 70+ mile training rides leading up to Cedar Cross and Dirty Kanza.  I can't wait. :)  It probably sounds stupid to all of you who go out and actually train for your races, but I'm really excited to go to some races that I'm (well, will be...theoretically) ready for.


TriMOEngr said...

Oh the beauty of true love. This is a great post. Your happiness oozes out of it. And you are looking so thin and fit. You are going to knock your races out of the park this year. So pleased for you.

ajh said...

Of course you had to let him put it together for you.

And once again,,,,,,,,,YOU LOOK GREAT!

Terzah said...

It's the start of a beautiful friendship! I hope you write an SK report on your first real ride.

The Unexpected Runner said...

I don't think I'd be brave enough to put a bike together! Awesome!!!! Hope it rides well!

Mike said...

That's awesome Kate! You are going to need to stake out some garage space for all your bikes. Next year you can get a tri bike with yet another type of shifters :-).

Amanda@runninghood said...

You look so good on your new bike!

pensive pumpkin said...


Kovas Palubinskas said...

New gear is awesome.