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Arkansas High Country, day 7

Friday, June 14, 2019
White Rock Mountain to Bentonville

Facebook post:The plan for today is to make it to Fayetteville (57 miles), get a new rear brake pad, and hotel it. Then an easy day to Bentonville tomorrow (30+ miles of paved bike path) and spend the rest of the day there giving my body a break before tackling the last 400 miles. But plans change, so we’ll see what the day (and my legs) hold.

Maybe the cold night had Mikey moving slowly, or maybe he was just tired of riding by himself. Whatever the reason, despite the fact that I took forever to pack up, he and I left at the same time. Just as we started, it began raining. Not much, but enough to make me pull out my rain jacket for the first time. Though we never got much more than a sprinkling, it was chilly enough that I left my jacket on for quite a while.

We rode through the campground, looking for some overlook that was supposed to be amazing. Not finding it, and not caring enough to make further effort, we rolled out.  If he …

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