I'm famous!

...well, not really, but if all was right with the world I would be.  You see, I'm in a video on the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Adventure Racing website, and next to my own awesome team, they're without a doubt the funniest guys in adventure racing. 

I met Brian and Todd (WTF's third member, Invisi-Beau, may or may not actually exist and didn't show up) for the first time at Team Virtus's Carnage at the Creek non-race.  I was barely out of my car when this 7 foot giant came running up to me yelling, "SuperKate!! I've never met you but I'm gonna hug you!!"

Don't they just look like fun?
And just like that we were friends.  And enemies (frenemies, if you will), which you'll see in the video as Brian taunts me, grabs onto my pack, and laughs his ass off when I crash my bike in front of him.  Even so, they took their defeat like men when I (with a little help from Chuck and Travis) crushed them in the (non)race.

We hung out again in August at Thunder Rolls, and despite having met them a grand total of like 5 times, I consider Brian and Todd to be good (and hilarious) friends.  Possibly that's a sign of my lack of boundaries, or maybe they're just that awesome.  Check 'em out and decide for yourself.  I guarantee you'll be glad you did.

And while you're at it, check out the video.  It's 17 minutes long, but you see (and hear) a lot of me in the first 5 minutes and get just a little taste of what it's like to be a newish adventure racer. Enjoy!

I laugh my ass off every time I watch this.


  1. Very cool you found new friends and gained some notoriety! Win-win.

  2. I love this video. Too much fun!

    Poop! Cows! Bat poisoning! And dying in the woods in MO. Gobble.

  3. Whoa, pump the brakes SuperKate! The official Adventure Racing Funny Committee (founded by me) has declared WTFAR "by far the funniest adventure racing team ever" and even "devilishly handsome". I think you better do a little more research before you make crazy claims about Team Virtus being funny. ;)

  4. Wow such a fun video..i love it!

  5. Famous??? It's so much better than that! You're infamous! Clearly you didn't take those cheating accusations lying down.

    And yeah that was some pretty shaky video.

  6. P.S. Lost in the woods in Missouri....ticks, yellow jackets, chiggers.....

  7. I finally got around to watching this video since you brought it to my attention again and reminded me about its existence. It was fantastic! Too damn funny. Although Brian is wrong, we are way funnier.

  8. Kate you were famous way before these guys posted this video. I have to say while I did find these guys to be humorous, they will never be as funny as Team Virtus.

  9. That is some good video footage! When your teammates use words like "freaking sound of Music" and "water up to my nutsack", how could you want for more? haha


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