Jacob's first field trip

Sadly, I forgot my camera. I realized partway there that I'd forgotten it, but I was running late (go figure) and had to stop for gas. I figured that running out of gas with a carload of kids would be worse than having no pictures from the day other than the two below that I snapped with my cell phone (I love camera phones!). And a few other moms DID have cameras, so I may end up with some pictures to share.

We went to Mill's Apple Farm with Jacob's day care/preschool. I love his daycare SO MUCH! I am so thankful to have such a great place to take him. :) Our drive there was noisy!! I had a total of 4 kids and one parent (he wasn't the noisy one, lol). The kids had a blast talking to each other on the way, and it was really funny to hear the discussions.

At the apple farm, the kids got to help make cider, play on the playset (where Jacob bumped his head several times)...


...and, of course, pick apples.

Apple farm

Good times. :)


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