I'm just going to keep this to myself

Because I'm often accused of oversharing I like to project an air of positive self-confidence without taking myself too seriously, I'm just going to keep my worries about Sunday's marathon to myself.

  • I'm not going to tell you that I'm wavering between serious self-doubt and periods of occasional terror about this marathon and just report the part about getting excited about the challenge.

  • I won't confess that I'm dreading driving 7 hours to Wisconsin alone.  I'll just claim to I'll enjoy the opportunity to listen to whatever I want, stop whenever I wish, and eat wherever I choose. 
  •  I won't admit that my feelings are really hurt that my husband isn't going to come along for the trip and cheer me on.  Instead, I'll grudgingly accept that I'm not the center of the universe and be thankful that my he puts up with my being gone for long runs and bike rides, doesn't complain (too much) about the cost of entry fees, and takes care of the kids while I'm away.  And I'll be grateful for all of the support I've gotten from my online and real-life friends, both the ones who run and the ones who would only run if being chased by someone with a knife.

  • I won't mention that I'm nervous about the fact that my longest run to date was 21 miles.  Instead, I want you to know that the longest run assigned by my training plan was 20 miles, so this self-professed slacker  actually went an the extra mile...literally.
  • I'm not going to complain about losing a couple of weeks of training to a foot injury; instead, I'll profess to be happy that I'm able to run...however slowly that might be.
  • I certainly won't acknowledge that I'm a little sad that my long run pace has dropped considerably, leading me to do a lot of math on my long runs.  If I run 10-minute miles it'll take me...if I run 11 minute miles it'll take me...if I run 12 minute miles it'll take me...if I run 13 minute miles...please don't let me run 13 minute miles. My story is that I just want to finish; any time goals can wait til next time.

I'm not going to tell you there won't be a next time.


  1. keep those positive affirmations going. que up lots of motivating music for the drive and then think about all of your friends out in blog land sending you all kinds of blog love and healthy race mojo. We are your cheerleaders in a spirit kind of way.

  2. For a second I thought I was reading my own thoughts!

    You're not alone! And the pic of that cat is adorable!!

  3. You are totally going to do this (barring an injury during the race). 21 miles is plenty, you have the mental toughness, you have this race. That said, it's normal to be nervous, trust your training. It's even more normal to get more nervous during taper, trust your training.

    On the family attending races front, I've rationalized the lack of support by putting myself in my families place. So I can go watch you do an X hour event and see you how many times and stand around for how many hours? My family doesn't even read my blog which takes 2 minutes per week :-).

  4. that last point about if I run 10 min/mile...all that math stuff: same in MY head. Last Sunday that is all I did for about 8 miles...
    you will be fine!
    you are not alone in that boat!
    you can do this.

  5. Sunday I am racing half your race but know that I will think of you super Kate. no joke. I think about the bloggers friends during races and long runs. You are not alone. you will be soo proud when you finish.!

    the husband part: I am not going to lie: I am with you on this one. 100%. I get it.

  6. I'll be thinking of you and sending good running vibes your way (((()))) Big hug! Enjoy the experience!

  7. The usual thoughts before a marathon that will disappear at the start.
    I bet you will run a very good race.
    Good luck and enjoy the event.

  8. Oh boy - you got your feeling across on this one!

    You are going to do GREAT SuperKate...Just GREAT!!!

  9. It's going to go awesome - just relax, enjoy, and remember all those who can't run (bahahah!). Seriously though, if you just go in with that attitude, all is going to go well!

    I have a client/friend doing the 1/2; his first race after some serious knee surgery. Here's his blog if you wanted to read:
    Maybe you can hook up and say hi!! :)

    Go Kate, goooo!! Will be cheering for you here in Denver!! :)

  10. Hi Kate, This is Steve Lamb (Luke Lamb's dad). Although it has been 30 yrs, I have run 5 marathons, completed 4. For my first one my longest run was 17 mi - had to stop at 20. Others I ran 2 to 3 long runs of 21mi within a month or so of race and completed all 4 so 21 miles is definitely long enough. Here is the most important two things I learned: 1) run a conservative, even pace up to 22 miles, then if you have anything left you can go for it (This includes the first adrenaline charged first mile). For example: if your goal is say 5hrs I would suggest a comfortable pace of say 11m30sec/mile (5hr02m) or 12m/mile (15h14m). 2) Drink lots of sports drink (not just water) at every station along the way - something with electrolytes and carbs - especially critical after 18 miles or so.

    Completing a marathon is worth all the effort. It sounds like you have done enough mileage and the right length long runs, so it is time to get on cruise control, run smart and enjoy the experience. GOOD LUCK!

  11. Good luck. The most important thing to have fun and absorb as much of the experience as you can. Thanks for stopping by today. Peace and Godspeed.

  12. Think positively and enjoy it! You have done 21 miles, you will be fine :) Have a great race!

  13. Now that you are a member I will have to refer you to the Team Godzilla motto. Running a marathon is something you are going to do, no different from anything else. Refer to the motto often it will get you through.

  14. Thank you for the link to the related post. I just read it. very good.

    If you are at the expo - I will look for ya.

  15. I think you are the only running in the world to have those thoughts. For sure. :-)

    First, losing two weeks is nothing. Seriously. That will not affect you.

    Second, don't project your pace based on some less-than-perfect training runs. Don't come out too fast though. Think of a nice do-able pace and just run that.

    They called you Super Kate for nothing.

  16. You will be great. Just have fun. Don't don't don't worry about your time. Enjoy your time in the hotel alone. If you can't sleep you don't have to worry about keeping anyone else up. You can blog to your heart's content. Don't worry! You will be awesome. It is amazing that you did 21 miles. Being undertrained is way better than being overtrained so the injury time loss is nothing! Don't worry. Have fun! Don't worry! Have fun! Treat yourself to wonderful high calorie food after the marathon. I can't wait to read about it. Have fun fun fun!

  17. Ooops, I meant they don't call you Super Kate for nothing. Sorry about that. Of course I think you are super.

  18. Oh Kate, this was your best post yet! Stay positive and go get this thing! You've come so far and worked so hard and you will be awesome! It will be an awesome day! And it is my daughter's birthday so this will be good luck! :)


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