Wake up call(s)

First off, I am officially registered for the LaCrosse Marathon.  Yes, it's in a week and a half and I just registered today.  What can I say? Procrastinators of the world, unite (tomorrow).

Second, I recently reviewed This is Where I Leave You on my book blog.  Check it out.  I actually reviewed a book I liked a lot instead of one that I have complaints about! I also just read Little Bee by Chris Cleave, so look for another review soon. 

Third, two articles in the news lately have me thinking. 

Exhibit 1:

BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS (KTVI-FOX2Now.com)— Belleville Police are investigating a report of an attempted criminal sexual assault that occurred on Sunday March 13. Police say the man attacked the woman on the bike path at Green Mount Road.

The victim reported that while jogging on the bike path she was approached by a male in his early 20's, 5'10", 180 pounds wearing dark pants and dark coat. The victim says the suspect pulled her pants down and attempted to knock her to the ground.

She struggled with the attacker and got away. Bicyclists who were in the area heard the victim's screams and came to her aid. The suspect got away. Officers searched the area with negative results
Source: Fox News
That occurred just a few miles from the school where I teach and got me an email from a friend warning, "Carry mace."
Exhibit 2:
A female jogger was followed then sexually assaulted as she ran along State Street in Alton Thursday afternoon. Police arrested Latayuss Curry of the 1400 block of State Street after he allegedly approached the woman as she was running near the intersection with McKinley, then continued to pursue her until he eventually restrained her and assaulted her until she was able to call for help.
Source: Riverbender.com

Remember my 21-mile run?  How my husband didn't like me running alone in that area and I told him it would be fine? How I took a wrong turn and ran through a bad neighborhood?  Well, this assault took place on my intended route through a nice neighborhood. 
I refuse to live in fear and not do things because of what may or may not happen.  If I only ran or biked when someone could go with me, I'd rarely get out of the house...and you could be attacked in your own house.  On the other hand, I don't want to live in fear because of something that does happen to me. There has to be a balance.  For now, the result is that my dog is getting a lot more exercise.
Girls, what do YOU do to stay safe?


  1. There news is frightening these days. I do not let my 15 year old run alone. She looks at me like I'm crazy but I don't care.

  2. Scary stuff. In an all honesty, I am probably not as "safe" as I could be. A little naive about the danger out there to be sure. I have just recently gotten to where I run with a group but before there I primarily ran alone as I am sure most do. I have a thing of pepper spray, I probably should be better about bringing it along with me.

  3. Scary stuff. I did buy mace that I keep on my bike in case of a dog attack. Probably not a bad idea to carry some on your runs.

  4. I also refuse to not do something I love but I try to run in "safe" places at good times of the day. But things happen. Be aware. I used to carry pepper spray for dogs actually but have stopped. I guess I should get it out again.

  5. That is some scary stuff. I rarely feel scared when I'm on my own - unless I'm in the forest - and then I'm more afraid of bears and cougar. Maybe I should be more cautious.

    I guess I'm usually with a group or in an area where there are people around.

  6. that is scary. there is a section on my running path that is not the safest. I went on New year's day and was the only person on the path and I was freaking out thinking it would be so easy for someone to attack me there. Bill does not like me going that way so he got me pepper spray! I hold it in my hand for that section.

  7. Honestly, it just makes me mad that I even have to think about this. I don't typically think about or worry about this, though clearly I should more.

    And I used to have pepper spray that my husband bought me. Never used it, kept it in my dresser drawer til it exploded out of nowhere one day. Super glad my son was there when it did (he wasn't hurt or anything) because it was in my underwear drawer, and I'd hate to have put on a pair without knowing it had pepper spray on it...I bet that would've hurt!

  8. That is really scary...stay safe Kate. I've been injured so much lately I can't remember what I do to stay safe. I think mostly I run during the day and in non-isolated areas. I also refuse to not run alone, but I am careful to try and avoid isolated paths or trails when alone.

  9. That book looks pretty good.

    Congrats on signing up for that marathon.

    It pisses me off that someone would have to be worried when all they want to do is go for a run. Really pisses me off.

  10. We must not live in fear but this is a crazy world. In Italy there is always justification for the criminals and we are never safe.
    However all of us must be careful, angry dogs and criminals are everywhere,
    Have a good Easter

  11. I thought about your post a couple more times the last few days. There are some sick people out there and those stories disgust me. The people that do these things need some street justice.

  12. That IS scary! There was a runner attacked in the middle of the day and kidnapped for 4 days (and all sorts of bad stuff happened to her :( but she did survive) - and this was in broad daylight on a very popular running trail. Freaked me out! But I, too, cannot let this contro me and I just try to be much more cautious when I'm riding or running alone. I think you have just as much a chance of someone breaking in your house and kidnapping you as you do running on a trail...just sucky losers out there no matter wheree ya are!

  13. Yay for signing up for the race!

    And boo for those two articles. We have stuff like that happen out here too. I almost always run with someone else now, and when I don't, I carry my phone. I am probably not that safe.

  14. Kate: for 50 degrees and rain: I would wear shorts, tank top or t-shirt if you prefer having sleeves, a hat and GLOVES!


    I generally run with a buddy my husband does not like me to go alone. I met my running pals through Blogs and the local running store.. SO SCARY, at 6'0 I feel I would be intimidating to a predator, but you never know with freaks out there.


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