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Dirty South Bikepack

April 6-7, 2019

The beacon that keeps drawing me back to the Shawnee National Forest got an assist from Mickey, who'd just bought himself a dynamo hub and light and was looking for a long ride to sweeten the 2-hour drive to pick them up. We thought about riding the Dirty South Roubaix route, eventually deciding to bikepack it over two days, giving Mickey his first bikepacking trip and me some much-needed training/practice.

He left the route to me with the caveat that he preferred something more rideable than the hike-a-bike extravaganzas I usually end up planning. We were working with an existing route, so I just had to figure out a way around a road closure and decide on a camping spot.

The plan: early departure from STL, a quick stop at Cyclewerx as soon as they opened to pick up the new wheel. Then we'd cross the river to Trail of Tears State Forest, where we'd leave the car and take the DSR route to Alto Pass. After a quick resupply at the market there, we'd follow …

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