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ARHC days 1-2: Let me go

  Day 1 Having taken nearly 7 hours to cover the sweltering 31 miles between Leslie and Fifty-Six, I was desperate to stop by the time I limped up the the office of the Cedarwood Motel and tearfully asked the owner for a room. While it was surprisingly half the cost of last year's stay in the same place I'd have paid double just to know I didn't have to ride in the heat any further. My hostess could not have been kinder to the tearful, disheveled girl at her doorway. She asked if I was ok, equal parts appalled and amazed at the way I'd spent my day. She crossed the yard to turn on the air in my room while I sat on her porch taking advantage of the office wifi, invited me into the office cabin / her family's home, shared the pizza they were having for dinner, and bought me some cold waters when she ran to pick up dinner.  I sat at her dining room table savoring the cool air, my sweat-stained jersey still bedazzled with grass and tiny chunks of gravel from my many roa

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