Summer vacation

Today is my one-week anniversary of the last full day of school. Not that I'm counting or anything. I am SO enjoying being off. Keeping fairly busy, but not too busy. Jacob has to be in day care two days a week to hold his spot (and, after being on the waiting list for 2 years, no way are we losing that spot!!), and I LOVE having some time to myself.

I've used some of that alone time to get some use out of my new bike. More use than I've seems that I am sadly lacking a sense of direction. Both times I've been out on our wonderful bike trails (we are very lucky to have a good system of bike trails) I've gotten lost. Not the lost that I don't know my way home, but the lost that I can't find where I'm going.

Yesterday was fun...missed a turn onto the section of the bike trail I was looking for (and in my defense, there was nothing to show where the new trail was hidden on the other side of a parking lot, and you had to turn off the main trail to get to the parking lot), rode almost 4 miles out of my way, turned around when I realized I was WAY wrong, and got a flat tire about 1/2 mile from where Jeff and Jacob met me to pick me up.

Between my two "oops" rides, though, I've ended up riding about 34 miles in the two trips. Not bad for someone who rarely rides a bike. A little hard to sit these days, though!

Jacob and I took the bike to the Cyclery after swimming today, and he totally ratted me out to the guys who work there about getting lost. Nothing like a 4 year old to tell all your embarassing moments!

As far as our time together, Jacob and I have managed to have some fun (the older boys are with their dad right now). Monday we ran errands (finally got rid of four gigantic bags of clothes from our yard sale) and spent an hour at the park. Today we went swimming (83 degrees is a lot warmer when you're dry than when you're wet!) and took Berkeley to the vet.

I've managed to get a little done around the house, but there's still a lot to do. Hey, I have all summer, right? Haha. And Berkeley has to be happy because he's getting longer, more frequent walks.

All in all, I am loving my summer break!


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