I'm still here!

...I just can't seem to find any time to write about it. Most of my "computer" time is spent via my phone, whose capabilities are pretty limited. Life is busy and full and complicated. I'm still riding my bike, thanks to the beautiful November weather we've been enjoying after a cold, wet October. I've been running a little...up to 2 miles, but it isn't going so well. lol. My class has reached and passed critical mass...past the number where I feel optimally effective, so that part of my life has taken on a new stress. Nathan is playing club volleyball in St. Louis, so three nights a week one of us is gone for 4-5 hours between the drive time and practice time.

Life is hectic. Add to that some other things that are going on in my life. Not bad, necessarily, but things that I have no intention of discussing in a public setting such as this. And yet, just chattering on about life withough mentioning all of that feels fake. And so I don't write about anything. For now, anyway.


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