Snow! Ice!

After a dreary, snow-less December (with the exception of a beautiful, snowy Christmas at my mother-in-law's house), we were back in school for a total of three days before being gifted with a long weekend thanks to snow days.

Wednesday/Thursday's snow was pretty, about 3-inches deep, and NO good for snowballs or snowmen. We did manage to have some fun sledding on Thursday afternoon, despite the bitter cold.

On Saturday, though, we were able to REALLY enjoy the fruits of the weather. After Nathan's volleyball practice, he, Jacob, and I drove to Ste. Genevieve, MO, to do some hiking. The temperature when we left our house was 3 degrees, but by the time we got to our destination it was a "balmy" 15! :)

I had seen an article about Hickory Canyons Natural Area in the paper last winter, and we did some hiking there back in March. Beautiful area.


The article, though, had shown the canyon in winter. The wall in front of the boys seeps water constantly. Depending on rainfall, there's sometimes a waterfall there. In freezing temps, though, all of that seeping water freezes into quite a sight.


Isn't that something??? It was so beautiful!

We were able to crawl through the opening at the bottom and sit behind the waterfall, too.


It wasn't just the big wall that looked neat, either. All along the canyon walls were rows of ice.


I wasn't too sure how the trip would go. Jeff was sick and couldn't go along. Nathan has never been my hiker, and Jacob has grown more and more focused on TV and video games. We had such a good time, though! We hiked for almost 2 hours exploring the canyon and seeing all there was to see. I really enjoyed the time with my boys, and Jacob was still talking about it last night.


  1. What a great little road trip excursion! The pictures are beautiful! I especially like the first one of the boys. I didn't realize that was water seeping down on them... to me it looked like a ray of sunshine shinning down on them but of course as I read on I learned so much more! Amazing how that happens!! ;)


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