The Wall

I hit a wall last night. It must have landed on me, because I'm still having trouble moving today.

Yesterday was my first day back after surgery (on Thursday), my first day at school in nearly a week because of all the pre-op stuff. I had a lot of sleep on Thursday and Friday, and Saturday I even ran 5 miles. I had been worried that it would hurt my hand too much, but it turned out that running was so miserable (:D) that it kind of made me forget my hand. Plus, my "claw" made a great iPod holder since I'd forgotten my armband. Sunday we spend 4. 5 hours weeding at my father-in-law's sand volleyball court, and I came home and crashed again, so while I was nervous about how Monday would go, I felt rested and prepared to go back.

The school day went fine, but when I came home to go for a run things went downhill. Since I'd managed 5 miles on Saturday, I thought I wouldn't have any problems. I had planned to run 3 1-mile legs with a walking break in between them. The first mile I managed in a 9'51" pace, but had to stop and walk once. The second mile was a 9'31" pace, and then I said "screw it" and walked home. It was like running in mud. It's really frustrating to expect to do better and then not perform.

A trip to the grocery store finished me off, and I was so thankful that my oldest came along with me. I know my 17-year old had plenty he'd rather do AND a homework assignment to complete, but I really couldn't have done it without him. While my hand heals, lifting anything unwieldy is difficult, and bagging and loading the car would have been a nightmare. By the time today's supper was prepped, I was ready to collapse.

Of course, the help didn't come without a cost. The math worked out like a Mastercard ad:

20-pack of frozen sausage biscuits--$8.00
1/2 gallon of ice cream--$2.00
2 boxes of Cocoa Krispies--$4.00
Having some help...priceless.


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