A Great* Week! (*of running)

After my little Achilles-induced running hiatus and subsequent failed 20-mile attempt last week, I spent a couple days kicking myself.  Then I took the advice of my wise running friends and decided to put it behind me and get back on that horse.

Tuesday:  Scheduled: 2 miles @11:09
Actual: 2 miles @9:47

My foot was still hurting.  In fact, I posted on Facebook, "Isn't it ironic that my Achilles heel for the marathon will, indeed, be my Achilles tendon?"  I've continued to ice it and wear an ankle brace that keeps it flexed at night, though, and that seems to have done the trick.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Thursday: Scheduled: 8 miles speedwork; warm, 4x1600 @9:01 with 800 jogs, cool
Actual: 5.5 miles speedwork; warm (10:53), 3x1600 (8:52, 8:58, 8:58), .5 cool

Thank goodness for Newton's laws of motion.  At least the part that says "a body in motion tends to remain in motion".  I'd set my alarm for 4:30 a.m. (ugh) so I could get in the run before work.  When it went off, though, I quickly decided THAT wasn't going to happen.  Fortunately, I had to go to the bathroom, and I took my phone with me (don't pretend you've never done that!) and checked Facebook while I was up, and then sat there thinking that, since I was up, I reallly ought to just go run.  If it wasn't for the fact that my body is used to getting up and running, I'd have been right back in bed.  Instead, I got in the majority of my run, and it felt really good.  I have no question that I'd have hit my goal for the last mile, too...I just ran out of time thanks to all my stalling.

Sunday: Scheduled: 12 miles @11:09
Actual: 12.2 miles @11:25

So I didn't meet the target for this run, but I was really just focused on putting in the miles.  After last week's long run fail, I set the bar a little lower: completion! I planned to take it easy and slow down as much as I needed to. I hadn't gotten up in time to eat before church, so I went out on the run armed with some real quality nutrition: a QT taquito and a piece of cold pizza.  I filled my water bottle with Powerade and took a couple of GUs with me.  I also took my dog, who loves to run...
...but is camera shy.
Mile 1-11:21 
Mile 2-10:19
Mile 3-11:52
Mile 4.5-11:50 (including a big hill)

Lots of green, no shade
Since I haven't done any long runs with my dog since last fall, I didn't think to bring him any water.  It was in the high seventies today, and the heat was taking its toll on him.  He did have a drink from a ditch, but he was really dragging (and if he was dragging behind ME, he was really dragging!).  Luckily, my brother and sister-in-law live at mile 4.5, so I dropped him off for a playdate with their dog while I ran the next three miles out and back.

Mile 4.5-6  11:36 mpm (slight uphill)
Mile 6-7.5  11:07 mpm  (slight downhill)

This section of the bike path is a crushed limestone (?) and really nice to run on.
I stopped back to pick up my dog and visit with my sister-in-law and my sweet niece.  Always cheers me up to see this face!

I <3 this little girl!
Mile 7.5-9 10:34 mpm
Mile 10 12:13 stopped so dog could get a drink.  Instead he just ran in the creek for a while
Mile 11 11:36
Mile 12 11:20 (dog stopped twice--TWICE--to pee!)

I was definitely beat when I got back, but I felt good.  My pace wasn't super consistent, but I finished close to as strong as I started.  I needed a good run, and I got one.  Best of all, my foot didn't hurt at all during the run! I'm starting to get excited about the marathon.  I think I've decided on what to wear...

Possibly some tall socks, we'll see
That is, what to wear if it doesn't snow marathon weekend like it did THIS weekend!  On the other hand, I'd far prefer cold to the 80 degree temperatures the Go! St. Louis marathon participants had to deal with last weekend.

Ok, running question: I was covered in salt after the run.  Should I be taking something in addition to Gatorade/powerade and GU?  I read about people taking electrolyte tablets, salt pills, etc.  Is this something I should be using?

This concludes the running portion of this post.  Stay tuned if you're interested in hearing why it was ONLY a great week of running rather than an all-around great week.

Still here?

We now proceed with the complaint portion of this post.  You were warned.

I just finished up with one of the most stressful weeks of work I've had in a few years.  I love my job, but it definitely has its challenges, and anyone who thinks teachers are overpaid should have spent the past week in my classroom.  I guarantee you that I earned every penny and then some! It is a wonderful privilege to be able to teach first graders and even more so to be able to teach students who have difficulty learning in a typical setting.  It can also be incredibly challenging, particularly when a student's behavior disrupts the entire classroom.  And to make it clear, it's not the disruptive behavior that's so upsetting, it's struggling to find what works to improve it.  And struggle we have! I've cried more in the past week at school than since my first two years of teaching.  Friday was better, though, and this week is only a three-day week.  I can do anything for three days, right? :)

In addition to the fun at work, it was a very full week.  Here's a snapshot of our schedule:

Tuesday: N. volleyball match (away)
Wednesday: N volleyball match (away); J PSR class
Thursday: N volleyball match (away), J cub scouts, D concert

I made it to two volleyball matches and the concert.  This week brings another 3-match week.  At least one of these is a home match, though.

Friday was my niece's 8th grade musical.  Apparently, they performed Godspell, but what I saw was this:

Slouch a little, would ya?
Rather than enjoy the musical, I spent the entire time resentfully staring at the back of the biggest head I've ever seen and stabbing it with imaginary voodoo pins.  If he woke up bald the next day, I'm sure it had nothing to do with me.  I also may or may not have had a bit of an attitude problem that evening, leaving my husband ignoring me while I shared my woes with twitter:

You'll have to read it from bottom to top because I don't know how to flip it around.

See, Chris K? Maybe I'm not the one to write that relationship book after all.

Saturday's bike ride was cancelled due to rain, leaving me free to go to a swimming party with J.  That was fun.  Then it was time to take N to meet his prom date.

He has his own sense of style!
Yes, I know his vest doesn't match her dress.  That's why you don't use a cell-phone picture as a fabric swatch.
And Saturday night was even more fun, a rare grown-up night out.  Jeff and I joined some friends for my school's Trivia Night, where we were solidly beaten.  I did a pretty good job answering questions, though, and the food was great, so it was all good. :)  And then, after an hour and a half of sleep, I was back up to go pick up N.  As I said on Facebook, This hurts me more than it hurts you is never more true than when you're up at 1:30 a.m. in the morning to go pick up your child because his grades aren't good enough to warrant a good student insurance discount (our requirement before our kids can get their license).


  1. Yeah on the foot not hurting. Don't you love that the downhill part is on the return? How fortunate that your dog had a friend to stop and play with.
    Sorry to hear about your tough week at school. Teaching is a VERY difficult profession in many many ways. You can get through a 3 day week and I'm on vacation so life is good here. Have a better week at school and keep on running. No answer to the salt question but it happens to me too.

  2. Teaching is hard even when your students are young adults, but the world needs us so we continue to plod on. About the salt, everyone is different with how much they need, absorbed and give away in their sweat. I use salt tabs all the time, almost always have 2-4 of them in a little baggie somewhere on me when running in warm temps or long runs. Even when I have a GU sometimes I need them. They are super useful and work really well.

  3. Good to hear you could train without any pain! Just relax and run, I’m sure the Achilles will be fine. I don’t use any salt/electrolyte supplements unless I go over 5 or 6 hours during a run.

  4. It's my contention that no elected official should be paid more than the lowest teacher's salary, I'm sure teachers would then be paid their true worth!

  5. Good job on your run and YAY!! for the foot not hurting. I've been worried about my left ankle all weekend and today my run is targeted as "just finishing" and I'll be happy.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the prom outfits and pictures!! SWEET!

  6. I hope your Achilles decides to calm down once and for all! Have you ever checked out this article from the Sock Doc?
    I truly believe in the diet/aerobic training/minimalist shoe thing and am constantly attacking my trigger points in the calf. I think it's helping.

    LOVE the pic of your nice, how cute.

    As for the salt ?; you don't need to take salt tablets UNLESS you're having problems NOT getting in the electrolytes and having some bad cramping problems. The Gatorade or whatever electrolyte you use is sufficient enough but for those that have bad cramping, you need to supplement it with more salt. Just make sure to get in the electrolytes after you're done running, too - and some great carb/protein in to get the muscles fueled properly. Just my thoughts on that :).

    Have a great week, Kate! :)

  7. Great news about the foot feeling better! And nice work on getting those miles in... "The trial of miles and miles of trials."

    Even more amazing that you're getting your training done during such a crazy week. Kudos!

  8. This time of year always gets a little stressful for me, which is strange because it should be the easiest time of teaching.

    That was a great week of running. I went 10 miles yesterday, which is the most I have gone in 3 months. I was feeling guilty because the Salt Lake Marathon was yesterday and I did not participate. Perhaps I should feel guilty more often. More motivation.

  9. As a tall person with a large cranium I often find myself feeling very self conscious in seating situations like that.

    Thankfully, the whole "stadium-seating" explosion this last decade allowed me to finally overcome my fears and attend a movie with dignity!

    Glad to see some green coming in to your pictures. I'm told it's spring up there? ;-)

  10. Skip the salt tablets. If your workout is longer than2 hours, you might want some Gatorade. In really hot weather on long rides, I'll alternate water and Gatorade after the first hour or two.

  11. that is great that your foot is better, very happy for you and that your run was a lot better this week! I hope it will be the same for me !! ha ha!!

    I always say teacher is the second hardest job ever...#1 is staying at home parent in my opinion, the pay sucks, the hours sucks, no vacation...I Love Love Love my kids teachers all of them so far, I try to help them as much as I can with anything, it makes me furious that they have to used their own $ for supplies at times.

    Salt: I take some electrolytes tablets. It is very hot here, I cannot drink Gatorade, I have GERD, so I don't have much choice, I get really swollen and my black hat turns white if I go over 6 miles in over 80 degrees.

  12. Kate, I think we are living the same life, right down to the driving rule, we have that same rule and it does hurt me more then them.

  13. Congrats on the great week of running and no pain! Your mile repeats are getting fast too.

    As fot salt, I'm still experimenting myself, but I would say either drink Gatorade or water with salt capsules but not both.

  14. no pain .. thats fantastic. looks like you have a very good week of training

  15. Hi Kate! Glad to see that you're running again after your Achilles induced hiatus. Have you tried compression socks? They can be worn during runs but I also know several runners that wear them to bed as they apparently facilitate better circulation and therefore healing.

    Oh, and N's vest may not match his prom date's dress, but her dress DOES match the wallpaper on your blog. So, it's all good! :)


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