Where is the line that separates a nap from sleeping through the holiday? I may have crossed it today at my mother-in-law's, falling into a tryptophan coma after lunch and waking up after it was dark.  Oops.  It sure felt good, though.

I wasn't a slug all day.  After about 45 minutes of stalling in bed and considering how much better it would be to stay home and make pancakes, I dragged myself out to our local trails for the tri club's annual Thanksgiving Day trail run.  I just wasn't feeling a turkey trot this year; maybe Skippo still has me turned off on racing.  An easy run in the woods was a better plan, and since I was about 15 minutes late I had the trails mostly to myself.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Big Woods! #trailrunning #snow #personalturkeytrot
The snow is what decided me on running vs. sleeping in.

Other than long naps and the opportunity and ability to be active, I have lots of other things to be thankful for, most currently:

1. Tamiflu (and the insurance benefits that cut its cost from $300 to $25). Jacob came down with the flu last week, and while he felt pretty lousy, the Tamiflu cut his symptoms WAY back.

2. Having two of my kids (and my sweet daughter-in-law) with me today, and getting a phone call from Nathan.

3. The family that invited Nathan and some of his friends to their house for the holiday.

4. 5-day weekends...

5. ...that are full of fun, active plans.

6. One more family Thanksgiving, this one at my mom's on Saturday.

I hope that you've all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with people you love doing things you love!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Kate! That's really cool that a family took Nathan and some of his buddies in for Thanksgiving.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I think a long nap is kind of a requirement for Thanksgiving. You're doing it right.

  3. Checking in on the blog, Miss SK!

    Always be grateful for something, even if things aren't up to snuff (I try to say :)). But you're always been one positive chick.

    Happy Thanksgiving, my dear friend. Congratulations on all those incredible feats you've accomplished since I've been last here. Maybe one day I'll fire up the blog again .... but know I'm still around. Some. :)


  4. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Sometimes we need a relaxing nap.
    I like a lot that snowy picture! I have only ran once on the snow and it was a wonderful experience!

  5. I like your Thankful list. 3 and 4 are especially nice. But now the 5 days are at an end.


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