Being a blessing

Our local paper featured an article (and I apologize in advance for the poor formatting...not sure why they couldn't have clear paragraphs) about the 365 Club on Facebook. Basically, the group is about committing one random act of kindness a day.

While I haven't managed one a day--at least one act that is truly random rather than a kindness to someone I know--I have been much more aware of treating friends and family as well as strangers with more kindness and consideration. And in two instances, I was able to commit "guerilla kindness".
  • I sneakily paid for the soda of a lady behind me in line. She didn't hear as I whispered to the clerk, and as I hurried out the door I heard the clerk tell her, "It's taken care of." I giggled the whole way home.
  • Yesterday, I stopped at the Bread Co. for lunch on my way home to take Daniel to the doctor (influenza, as it turns out). As I was reading at my table, some people at a table near me were having some sort of meeting. An older couple came in with their young son (a big 4 or maybe 5). They weren't too organized...Dad telling him to sit one place, Mom telling him somewhere different. As they sat at the meeting they wanted the little boy to just sit there. He had nothing to do. I was probably there another 5 minutes after they came in, and the dad was constantly redirecting the little boy. I couldn't really focus on what I was reading, so I headed to the car. I keep lots of junk in my car just because it never gets taken into the house. I found a book and a kids' magazine and was a little torn. Should I take them in for the boy or would the parents take offense. I ended up taking them in. The couple and their son were nowhere to be found. I asked a woman in their group if they were coming back, and she said they were. I handed her the books and asked her to give them to him. She gave me a huge smile and thanked me. I hope that the parents weren't offended, but I felt good that maybe the afternoon would be a little easier for all of them.
In both instances, I was struck by how good I felt. Not a proud good, like I did something good. A happy good, like I was able to be a part of something good. A very nice feeling.


  1. Great account of the 365 Club! And great examples of guerilla kindness (I love that, guerilla!)

    Keep spreading the word. The more committed members, the more kindnesses. The more kindnesses, the better our world.

    God bless!


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