It's been nearly two months since I posted anything, and that was barely a post in itself. Life is busy, too busy really for me to be at all least, not during any time when I can sit down and write about it. Right now, I'm in a blessedly quiet two weeks.

From September through the end of February, either Jeff or I was in St. Louis 2 nights a week and one weekend day a week for Nathan's club volleyball practices. The first half of the club season is over now, and we have another two and a half weeks until the high school games begin. I'm excited to see Nathan play and to see how his team competes with the other teams now that they have some experience. We had 5 kids on the team play club ball, so that HAS to help. Of course, many other schools' kids did, too, so we'll see....

The second half of school is always hectic, as my special education classroom grows fuller as students who struggle are referred and tested after classroom interventions don't help enough. We grew quickly this year, but my numbers have thankfully held pretty steady. There are a lot of kids who need help, and I want to make sure that my kids are getting the help they need from me. Very difficult to do that when you're spread paper thin.

And, facebook takes up much more of my time than blogging. Quick status updates are about my speed right now.


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