If I'm crazy, it's because my friends are contagious

If you haven't checked in here for a few days, you've missed plenty.  First, I posted about how I'm going to maybe cut down on my blogging and keep myself more up on real-life stuff, then I blogged about an orienteering meet and a pretty funny teacher fail of mine from years past. So that whole cutting back thing is going pretty well.... plus, by titling my orienteering post "The Big O", I managed to score myself another couple of busty twitter followers who'll suggest porn sites to me for a week or so until they realize I'm just another boring mommy blogger with a penchant for innuendo (much like Adam, but slower and not as funny).

While I've been busy trying to stay organized at school and home, my local blog friends have been busy coming up with crazy (and cool) ideas.

Mike decided to host his own private half ironman here in town.  Now, granted, I haven't swum more than 5 laps since I did the virtual HIM last Christmas, and I was able to do that race in segments, but why should that stop me? Of course I signed on.  Then I reread his information and realized I was going to have to swim 42 laps.  Ummm...on the plus side, he'll have plenty of time to finish cooking dinner before I finish!

Now, some people would say that signing up for a half iron distance triathlon when you've never even done a sprint before is just plain stupid.  My husband would agree with them.  But I figure, what the heck.  It's less than 2 miles from my house, it's free, and dinner is provided.  My very favorite race EVER was free. Technically, I guess that was a non-race, but still.  Awesome.  It's hard to go wrong with free. Plus, it's the same day as the half marathon I was training for, so I save the $40 entry fee AND I'm already trained for the run.  I know I can ride 56 miles, and the swim....well, we'll see.

Patrick, after paddling with Dave Cornthwaite during Dave's trip via stand up paddleboard down the length of the Mississippi River, was inspired to emulate Dave's fundraising adventuring by embarking on a series of 100+ mile journeys on different types of non-motorized transport...all to benefit the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America's St. Louis Chapter.  First up, a 100 mile skateboard trip.  You can check out his blog for more information on his 100+ project.

Patrick's kind of my gateway guy to a lot of the cool stuff I've done in the past year, so this new venture makes me both excited for him and a little nervous.  I'm wondering just what I'm going to be inspired to do next.  Hopefully he holds off on the 100 mile run for a while...but how cool would it be to be a part of that? :)


  1. You didn't mention how you are going to be featured in the next round of Match the Rack ;-)

  2. Thanks for the getting the word out! In my mind Skate100+ seems like it will be "easy", but in the back of my mind there's a whole mess of concerns flying around.
    It's ironic that you are blogging less and I uploaded three posts yesterday. I'll take some followers off your hands in your absence if it will make them feel better. As an up-sell I don't use the stupid captchas for commenting on my blog.

  3. Of course...it makes perfect sense for SuperKate to be doing a HIM even though she's never done a sprint. That's what Superwomen do :) Go Kate! You're my idol!

  4. And why not? I hope you have a great time on your little adventure called a half IM!

    Skateboarding 100-plus miles? Very cool!

  5. You inspire me, every day! Awesome! I have no doubt that you will dominate this next adventure :)

    And I agree - skateboarding 100+ is SO cool...

    (btw, your teacher fail post? HILARIOUS!)

  6. seriously! that is major superkate there!!!! I dont think I could do that!!

  7. Busty twitter followers? Outstanding! I am thinking Mike could amend the rules for his HIM to allow people to complete the distance over several days...swim one weekend, bike 56 the next, run a half marathon the next.

  8. Have fun with that IM training. We all know you can do anything you set your mind to.

  9. You are my idol as well! I need me some crazy friends!

  10. I'll make dinner any time, so no worries there. Hopefully we'll have good weather. As the RD, I reserve the right to not race if it's crappy out :-).

    Oh, I'm counting on you to talk another couple crazy people into doing this :-).

  11. Crazy friends? Is the Black Knight Army a group of normal persons?


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