Better late than never

Back in September, it sounded like a good idea to get in on an October run/walk 100 mile challenge.  After all, I was going to be running 13.1 on October 2...I'd be a tenth of the way there just two days in.  Piece. of. cake.

And then all of the sudden it was Oct. 26 and I had only 59.9 miles logged for the month.  Unfortunately, doing the math I realized that it would be possible for me to get in the remaining 41.1 miles in the remaining days of the month. The good news: I'm feeling super motivated.  The bad news: it required me running 6 straight days, when I've never run more than two in a row.

Sigh. Why is it that I'm so determined to finish this (ultimately) meaningless challenge?  And what the heck was I doing all those October days I could've been running??

So here's my miles cramming plan for the rest of the month:

  • Wednesday--3.7 rainy miles while N. practiced volleyball
  • Thursday--5 miles--actually ran/walked 6
  • Friday--5 miles
  • Saturday--16 miles (the one run that really matters to me...trail miles at Castlewood Park, good training for both the Skippo 30K and the Pere Marquette race
  • Sunday--5 miles (thinking I can combine this with trick-or-treating)
  • Sunday--5 miles (after the Halloween parade)
I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...stay tuned to see if I actually could.


  1. Ah you's a terrible affliction to be stubborn!

    Just think of all the candy you can use on Monday to fuel!

  2. You can probably gain a couple mile by wearing a pedometer and counting those miles, maybe even extrapolating back through the month :-). You could turn it in to a math lesson on estimation and proportions.

  3. I should have read this before I made the biking comment on FB, eh? :)

    Just look at the mileage as pre-Ironman training :).

  4. You totally can (especially since you are stubborn) :)

    Go get it!

  5. of course you can
    you are super Kate
    you can!!!!
    Go Kate!

  6. You will do it. A mindless challenge.........doesn't matter. A challenge is a challenge and you go for those.

  7. You can, you will do it!
    Go SuperKate!

  8. I totally understand wanting to complete a challenge because you started it! Keep going, you can do it!!

  9. Have fun on your 16 miler. Monday morning you'll be saying I thought I could...I thought I could...I thought I could :)

  10. 41 miles in a week? I'm right around there now at the peak of marathon training :)

    Have fun - and then enjoy the rest to follow!

  11. You can do this and I bet you'll have fun. Especially with the 16 miler on trails. The trail run will probably help to break up the monotony. Go for it!


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