Thursday 13 (for real, this time)

1.  For the first couple of days after the private HIM, all I wanted to do was sleep.  The thought of training for anything big made me want to cry.  By Tuesday evening my brain was all ooh, this would be cool!; unfortunately for my brain, my body was still all If you make me get off this couch I'll cut you.  But by Wednesday, I was promising to do a (slow) trail race with a friend on Saturday and committing to a 30K trail race in November .

2. I joined a 100 mile challenge for October.  Run and/or walk 100 miles this month.  Hopefully I do better than my abysmal failure in...whatever other month I joined one of these challenges.  The sword of Damocles November trail race hanging over my head should help inspire me to log some miles.

3.  I 'm doing a women's mountain bike weekend at Land Between the Lakes (in Kentucky) in November also.  I have no idea who'll be there.  I don't know that I know anyone else going.  I didn't even ask.  Once I got the OK from Jeff, I said I'd be there.

Total strangers riding in what may or may not be Land Between the Lakes
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4. Three years ago you'd have had to hold a gun to my head to make me go spend a weekend with a houseful of complete strangers.

5.  Three years ago I thought 50 miles was an insanely long distance to ride a bike.  (I kind of agreed with this on Sunday).

6.  Despite having no desire to have any more pets, I let my 17 year old get a kitten.  The kid so rarely asks for anything that I hate to tell him no, even though he'll (hopefully!) be away at college next year.

7.  So, basically, my 17 year old got a kitten, and I got a cat.  Yea.

8.  At least the kids are happy.

9.  I have to admit, it's the cutest little thing you ever saw.

10.  The dog thinks it looks yummy.

11.  I got my Champion Eco-Fleece outfit from Teamarcia's giveaway.  LOVE it. So comfortable.  I'd show you a picture, but its powers don't extend to making me look like brunette Barbie, so imagine me cozy and skinny.

12.  I'm finishing up my third trip through the Twilight series.  I'm not proud of this.  Neither are my children: "What are you, thirteen?"  I've held out against watching any of the movies, but my resolve is weakening.

13.  I'm running in a 7 mile trail race with some friends on Saturday (and while usually "running a race with friends" consists of riding to the race with them or seeing them before the race and then running my own pace, this actually means running with anyone slow enough to put up with my recovery pace), and then I promised Jeff that I'd spend the rest of the day working on our family Halloween costumes.  Since our party is next Friday, it's none too soon.  Our idea is the lamest one we've had yet, and I'm all about it because I think it'll be relatively easy and fairly cheap to make.


Have you read the Twilight series?  Seen the movies?

Any plans for the weekend?

What's your favorite past Halloween costume?


  1. hello...Happy Thursday! I've not read the twillight books although I did own them for a short time...just couldn't get into them! I watched a couple of the films though! and this weekend consists of yard work, walking, and casino come Monday! :O) woohoo! ha ha ok maybe not woohoo but doable! I admire your strength and discipline...traits I'm working on. And have fun with the kitten!! :O)

  2. daughter uses the "What, are you 13 line constantly" at me. I then use the line, "What, are you 5?" on her when she spouts off her bratty mouth! Here was our conversation today:
    Me: please clean up all your stuff in the living room, it's been there for the past two weeks and we can't have anyone over with it like that.
    Her: That was a passive-aggressive voice so therefore I am not going to pick it up.
    Me: No worries, I'll just throw it all in the garbage.
    Her: No worries, I'll just never come home again.
    Honestly, I'm thinking I'm going to go adopt a kitten, too!!

    You so need to start NOT doing all these adventures so you can save your $ and come out to Colorado!! You are constantly busy....I'm tired reading about all you have going on, crazy Kate! know I love it! :)

    Hope you're rested up and ready for the trail run this weekend...sounds perfect! :)

  3. That kitten is so cute. We are all about yellow cats at our house.
    I can't imagine going to a weekend with complete strangers. I admire you.
    I read one maybe two books of Twilight and gave up. They just didn't do it for me. But i read plenty of less then stellar chick lit so I do not judge.

  4. You have a nice start to the 100 mile month with the HIM last weekend.

    Congrats on your new cat! It is cute.

  5. "my body was still all If you make me get off this couch I'll cut you."


    Super cute kitten! I so want one, but that would violate the current NO PETS rule here.

    I have read all the twilight books. And seen the movies. I am a fan :)

  6. I want a kitty cat SO bad...but like your dog...mine would think it was dinner...and WOULD try to eat it. Our old cat was crazy mean and could protect himself a bit, but it was still always a bit uncertain around here. It's just easier to not go there.

    *I read the first book and a half. Mai and I have seen the movies.

    *My church is opening up a second church and it's temporary home is in a middle school down my road, so we're attending a "new" church this weekend. I'm excited. I have a feeling it is more of a younger generation church...I might be one of the "elders" there :D

    We're also going on a girls date to take my niece to A Dolphin's Tale.

    My best costumes were the ones my mom made for me when I was a kid: a clown, an old lady, etc..
    My best adult costume was as a witch. I might have to drag that old thing out again.

  7. no...
    no book
    no movie
    Edward.Jacob.Bella. that is all I know. it will stay that way!

    I need to read the Harry Potter though.

    Halloween, that is a bad childhood memory. I was not allowed to go trick or treat. Can I tell you my kids do and they get real outfits!!!

    weekend: Long Beach!

    have a good run super Kate!

  8. I have skimmed the Twilight books and seen all the movies. What can I say? I eat gummy bears sometimes too. We all need junk food sometimes. Ignore the haters. Apparently there was some Twilight bashing going on at my book club last month (I missed the meeting) and feelings were bruised. Sigh.

    Wow, you have a lot going on! Makes me feel like a lazy bones.

  9. Cutest kitty ever! I'm allergic and I'm still in love.
    Twi what? Under a rock on that front here.
    Your adventure weekend sounds awesome as usual. One of these days I'll grow some balls and do something out of the ordinary.
    Definitely rattle my cage if you're anywhere near Chi-town!
    Or we can go bug Jill in CO!
    Weekend here involved strep, ear infections and all sorts of unsavory things. Got some good bike rides in though!

  10. You have a very good running program: good luck!
    1. No
    2. A 30 km race
    3. We don't celebrate Halloween here.


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