Mission accomplished!

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It's no secret to anyone who's my friend on Daily Mile or Facebook (or has the misfortune to sit near me at lunch) that I managed to just barely squeak by on the 100 mile challenge for October.  I finished my last .5 miles at about 9 on the last possible night.  Procrastinators of the world, unite...tomorrow.

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It's no secret that you always have more time to fit in exercise than you think you have.  I ran and walked 41.3 miles in 6 days.  I never would have thought I could fit those miles in.  It didn't help that I'm seriously wimpy about running more than one day in a row and walked about 18 of that last 41 miles.

(It's no secret that walking takes a LOT longer than running.)
This cracks me up...the third guy is like me, only blonde and shirtless.
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It's no secret that I'm a little competitive.  Sitting with a week to go and a 40-mile deficit, I didn't even have a thought of finishing until I read a comment from someone in the same boat: "It is going to be a long week for those who are actually going to get the 100 miles.  This would be including myself".  And I immediately thought, Well if he can do it, I can do it!

It's no secret that I have awesome friends who support me and cheer me on, even in silly challenges that don't really mean anything. You guys are the best. 


  1. Good work. Way to get that last 1/2 mile in!

  2. There you go! Way to get it done.

  3. You are awesome! And those silly challenges that don't mean anything? Sometimes those are JUST what I need to get my ass off the couch...

  4. I saw this on Dailymile and FB and think you did great. Well done Kate!

  5. Well done and funny cartoon. Thanks.

  6. We all knew you would do it. Once you set your mind to something it is a done deal.

    Walking takes forever! I am very unmotivated to use walking as part of exercise. When I am in DC I always wish I had my Garmin on when I am walking as I put on some major miles but I NEVER remember to wear it.

    What is your next challenge going to be? You should start some kind of bloggy challenge but for normal people.

  7. Way to go Kate! I knew you would get it done.

  8. SuperKate is .... SuperKate, isn't she?


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