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Now that the meaningless challenge has been vanquished, it's back to the real ones. I'm super excited about the next couple of months.

* Nov. 5 - Wild in the Woods 5 mi trail race at Broemmelsiek Park, followed by mountain biking there with friends. Two of my favorite things. :)

* Nov. 11-13 Team Revolution mountain bike trip to Land Between the Lakes, KY. I've never been and can't wait to go. When I first signed up, I didn't know anyone else who was going but have since recruited three other friends. The cool thing is that, while I'm excited that they're going, I didn't need anyone else to go so that I'd be comfortable. That's pretty new for me.

* Nov. 20 - Skippo 30k trail race. My thought process in signing up for the 30k went something like Hey, 30k...that's almost 19 miles. That'll be a fun challenge on trails. It's not until I start training that I remember challenge = hard. I've definitely had some "what was I thinking???" thoughts on my recent trail runs.

* Nov. 26 - orienteering meet at Meramec State Park. Still hoping we get to do this, but for some reason my husband isn't sold on driving 2 hours, competing in an orienteering meet, and then driving back home for Thanksgiving with my family. Where's the adventure spirit, I ask you? :)

* Dec. 3 - Castlewood 8 Hour Adventure Race. VERY excited about this, and thrilled that I'll be able to do this race despite being cruelly abandoned by not one, but two potential teams. Thank you, Orange were my only hope.

* Dec. 10 - Pere Marquette Endurance Trail Race - my tri club's signature event, a race which kicked my butt last year, and the one time I'll tell you publically that I'm gunning for someone. And he knows who he is. :) It's a hard enough race that I really considered not doing it this year, but I really wanted the shirt they're giving away this year.

There you have it...a full calendar to be sure. Now if I can just make it to 2012 without getting sucked into some blog challenge or one of Jill's crazy schemes.


  1. Wow you are busy! That is more than I sign up for in a year. Way to go. I'm going to try to volunteer at the Pere Marquette race if I can.

  2. Oh my that is a lot of racing! You are going to be busy! I love adventure races. I think they are so fun!

  3. Sounds like a great way to usher in winter... and then you can make the transition to snowshoeing and cross-country skiing :)

    I'm intrigued about Jill's schemes...

  4. Just remind your hubby about the large aquarium at the State Park - that'll get him excited!

  5. Kate, Leadville registration is still open....

  6. ha ha Jill!!! that is funny right Kate?

    8 hrs challenge!!!!wow!
    there is a street in Quebec named Pere Marquette!

  7. Sounds like super fun!! Though I'm sure I'd get lost in the orienteering challenge....

  8. Sorry about abandoning you for the adventure race. That weekend I will be tapering for an outstanding performance at PM the next week.

    Have you requested the same start wave at PM. I've requested one wave behind you. So when I catch you, I won't be next to you. I'll be 15 seconds in front of you!!!

  9. Holy God I read this and feel like I am sitting and eating bon bons on the couch. You are one amazing woman. Good for you. And I sit here planning a shopping day!
    Have fun and be great in all of them.

  10. Yea, I'm with Jill, Leadville is still open, I am super you could use another super-challenge.

  11. That sure is a full calendar! Best of luck to you in all of it!

  12. A busy period full of races! Good luck and enjoy the events.

  13. I see nothing has changed over here in SuperKate land :) You are absolutely awesome lady! So many cool challenges and rumor has it you're planning on registering for Leadville ;) hehe

    Over here in Qu├ębec, things are busy and good...feeling stronger now that I've recuperated from the marathon...lots of fun plans and I'm loving being a Grandmommy :)

    I'd say it would be great to meet up at a race one day, but somehow I doubt our schedules risk're too wild for me :) :) Keep on doing your thing rock!!

  14. Dang girl, you have quite the busy schedule for the rest of the year! Those blogger competitions always suck me in too. They seemed like a good idea at the time then I procrastinate...


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