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I already wrote my 11 randoms and 11 questions, so I'm not doing all that again, but Kate tagged me and since I love to share, here goes...

Oh, here's one random: when I was 20, I was kicked out of Independence Hall.  I was there with my parents on the way to my brother's wedding.  D was 6 months old and a little noisy, but not awful at all.  Anyway, the ranger giving the tour "suggested" I might want to take him outside.  I was really bummed bc I love history and Independence Hall was what I'd most been looking forward to visiting.

Where were you born?

Right here in Illinois, about 25 minutes from where I now live.

What is your favorite way to relax?

Curling up with a good book.

What is something you did as a child that you got in trouble for?

The worst thing I ever did was tell my grandpa some guy had tried to get a friend of mine and me to get into his car when we were walking home from school.  I wasn't really trying to tell him that, I was just making up a story and didn't realize how serious a thing I was saying or think he would take me seriously.  Anyway, he told my parents when they came to pick me up, and they called the police, and I ran away to a friend's house and hung out there until the police went away.  When I finally admitted to my parents it hadn't happened, they wanted me to go apologize to the police for wasting their time.  I refused and opted to take a month-long grounding instead.   

What was the BEST race you ever ran and why was it the best?

If we're going by running races ("ever ran"), I'd say it was my first half marathon.  I trained so faithfully for that and ended up finishing in 1:58:37.  I had thought a sub-2:00 finish was possible, but highly unlikely.  Meeting my "wildest dreams" race scenario was pretty amazing; I teared up at the end.  Of course, it also makes the prospect of running another road half marathon kind of scary bc I know I couldn't maintain that kind of a pace right now, and it would really bum me out to finish slower than I did when I'd only been running for about 8 months.
Which do you prefer - ocean or mountains?

Mmmm....that's a hard one.  Oceans, I guess, if you're making me choose, but I wouldn't turn down a trip to the mountains.
What is the furthest you have ever traveled from home?

Puerto Vallarta, in distance and culture and circumstances
What is your favorite restaurant?

I don't really have a favorite.  As long as it's not all seafood, I can find something I'll like.
Would you rather be able to teleport or be able to turn invisible?

Teleport, no contest. 
What is your favorite body part?

Chest, because it balances out my big ass. :)  On a guy, either calves or arms.
What is your favorite song to workout to?

Remember the Name, by Ft. Minor
Would you rather run trails or the road?



  1. I like your label: my criminal life!!

    ok I did not know about this sub 2 hrs half marathon!!! come pace me Sunday!!! PLEASE?

  2. Are you writing this blog from prison?

  3. Your childhood trouble is really funny!! I love that you opted for a month of punishment instead of apologizing! That is hilarious!!

    I would much rather be able to teleport too.

  4. You make stuff up as a kid, the cops get involved. Years later, some guy pretends his kid is stuck in a fake flying saucer floating over Colorado, the cops get involved. You clearly triggered this chain of events.

  5. You took a month grounding rather than go to the police and fess up! Wow! Hard core!

    Love Patrick's comment! And Kovas's too!

    Good time on the half marathon. I don't think I'll ever break two! Came close once but no cigar.

  6. Don't choose the ocean over the mountains until you've run some of our trails. I can show you some *fun* ones....

  7. AS I sailor I am glad that you prefer the ocean!
    Your finishing time on the first half is very very good!!!!!

  8. I don't know why I'm laughing about that story you told your grandpa. It's just that kids have no clue sometimes about things like that. Loved your list!


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