Ava Brown Memorial 5K

In 2008, my Team Virtus teammate Robby Brown and his wife Sarah tragically lost their daughter Ava to SIDS at 8 weeks old.  April 14 will mark the third annual Ava Brown Memorial 5K, held in honor and memory of Ava.  Proceeds will go to First Candle, a nonprofit agency dedicated to safe pregnancies and the survival of infants through the first years of life.

While I don't know Robby well and have never met Sarah, as a parent I can only imagine the pain of losing a child.  Though I can't be in Jefferson City for the race, I can be there virtually by making a donation in Ava's memory.  I know that I have some Missouri readers and friends, so if you live in the area, look into participating in the race.  There will be both a 5K run/walk and a non-competitive, non-timed fun run for kids.  If you aren't able to go, please consider donating to First Candle. 

And either way, hug your kids and remember how very lucky you are to have them.


  1. I wish everyone the best of luck as they take part in a run for such a good cause. I am so sorry for their loss.Erica

  2. Darn - I was hoping to hear you would be making the trek over for this. I think I can make this though I will have to juggle a piano lesson. As a mom, I can't imagine a loss like this.

  3. So sad. I can't imagine losing a kid either.

  4. heart breaking
    my good friend back home lost her baby son in a tragic way and it was just aweful and so sad..her relationship did not survive the lost and she has been alone since, this was 8 years ago

  5. That is a great way to remember Ava. Some good is now done because of her death. It is so tragic when children die.

  6. Can't even imagine losing any of my kids.


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