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Pensive Pumpkin tagged me with a pretty new blog award that allows, no requires me to share some new things with you.  Let's see if I can come up with 11 things...

The Rules

  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves.

  • Answer the questions the tagger has set for you.

  • Create 11 questions for the people you have tagged to answer.

  • Choose 11 people and link them in your post.

  • Go to their page and tell them.

  • No tag backs.

1. Do you find yourself creepily obsessed with anyone? I often wonder if I'm the only one who didn't outgrow the adolescent crush thing, since no one else seems to talk about it...
Creepy?  Who you calling creepy?  Blogs and facebook certainly feed my the latent stalker tendencies in us all.

2. How would you describe your style?

I'd totally wear this
Style? I'm not sure I've bought any item of clothing in the past 6 months that wasn't running or biking related. I like tall boots, jeans, skirts, dresses, and pretty much anything that makes me look thinner. I've been pinning all kinds of outfits on pinterest in the hopes that someday I'll wear clothes that cute. Actually, now that I just looked back at the style board I linked to, now I want to go shopping. Unfortuantely for my wardrobe, the Thunder Rolls registration fee takes precedence over new clothes.  But if it didn't....

Tall boots <3
3. If you could change professions without worrying about retraining, startup costs, or similar realistic concerns- what would you do?

I'd be a writer.

4. If you could go back to the version of you that lived ten years ago what (aside from winning lottery numbers and other financial gimmicks) would you tell him or her?

First, you are enough just who you are.  And second, don't wait around for somebody else to make things happen for you or hold your hand so you can do what you want.  Go for it.

5. Do you like your blogs funny or serious? (I ask this because these question things always make me trend serious, and I'd hate to alienate you all...)

I like funny blogs, but more to the point I like REAL blogs.

6. Shower or bath?

Shower to get clean, bath to relax.

7. Boxers or briefs?

I do like a man in boxers.  Especially plaid ones.

8. Word association: Halloween

Halloween party 2008 324
One of my favorite years...and not just because I convinced my husband to shave his head and paint himself blue. :)
Costumes.  Which involves a lot of work for me.  My mom used to HATE Halloween, and now I totally get it.  My husband's family is big into Halloween.  Every year we have a family costume (which is kind of fun, but a lot of work) and a party (which is a lot of work and fun, but scheduling it is a nightmare that leaves me wanting to strangle the high-maintenance people who don't want to be left out but want it to work around their many activities.)

9. If you had to choose a Nom de Plume (aside from whatever you might currently use on your blog or whatever) what would you choose and why?

My wonderful team has bestowed a number of nicknames on me, from Kage (which is pretty badass and I like) to Denny (the den mother taking care of everyone) to MawMaw (because I'm the oldest).  If I picked something it would probably be something Eastern European and mysterious, but since I lack the imagination to give myself a cool name, I guess I'll stick with theirs.

10. What conditioner do you use? I'm afraid my hair is fried. LOL

Ummm...usually one for color treated hair, thought I just bought this John Frieda shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair.  Unfortunately, there's only so much repair conditioner can do when your hair hasn't been cut in a year.

11. Do you hate me for choosing you? *evil cackle*

How could I hate you?  It does help that I'm ignoring the parts of the tag that are actual work. :)

Eleven things about myself:
 1. After having an Instagram account forever, I'm actually using mine a bit. So far, that's meant a lot of pictures of my kid and a few of trails.  Fascinating stuff.  My (very creative) username is kgeisen. 

Water + kids = joy
See what you're missing?

2. I paid all my bills this last month without even feeling nauseous.  This is good news indeed.  We even had a surplus of money coming after paying the last couple bills with my second check to pay extra on some medical bills. 

3. And then the air went out in our van.  The longest period of 100+ degree days and no air conditioning.  Awesome.  Thankfully, my car's air is going strong.  And you know who drives my car? Me. I'm going to look at this as glass half full: not Oh, waah, now we don't have extra money, but Thank goodness we had the extra money to fix the car.
4.  I ran a sub-9 minute mile on the treadmill yesterday.  That's huge news in my world these days.  As much as I hate running on the treadmill, my run was so much less terrible than my outside runs that it did prove to me the heat effect.
5.  I came late to the Stephanie Plum books, but I'm loving them.  Not great literature, but so fun.  I bought a stack at my mom's yard sale and have been reading through them at a pretty ridiculous rate.  Jeff was home from work the past two days and was underwhelmed by the reading:housework ratio. 
6.  I started weight training again, using the routines from the book The New Rules of Lifting for Women.  Im really enjoying it and hope that I can stick with it when school starts.  My legs currently hate me for all the lunges they had to do on Wednesday. :)
7.  I'm not ready to go back to work, but I'm really ready for my kids to go back to school.


8.  After nearly two years of wearing the same pair of running shoes that gave me blisters on any run longer than 5 miles (I know, I know...but see #2 above...nausea-inducing bill cycles aren't conducive to new running shoes), I replaced them with a pair of Brooks Adrenaline.  This is my first pair of Brooks, and so far I love them.  No 5+ mile runs in them yet, but I have a good feeling.


9. With the high temps, J and I have spent a lot of time in pools and creeks.  This one, while scenic, wasn't a very successful creek hike since this was the only non-sludgy stretch.  Win some, lose some.  I was disappointed, but he was perfectly happy to play together on the playground.  In 104 degrees.  Imagine my joy.  We did have fun on the teeter-totter trying to get ourselves positioned so that it would stay even.  I won't tell you just how close I was to the center...

104 degrees and he wants to play on the playground.
10. I played a 112-point word in Words With Friends.  I'm reaching, I know...this has been a really boring summer.

Hell yes I took a picture of it!

11.  I'm seriously considering doing the Advocare 24-day challenge.  The friends I have who've used the products have had great results and have loved them.  Anybody else have experience with these products/company?  Thoughts?


  1. I just finished the Plum books for the third time. I started them....a month ago this round? My stupid lack of sleep is leaving me with plenty of early morning reading time, and they are fun to blaze through. The movie was cute, in an awful way, too. I wish Lifetime would pick it up or something and make all the books into shitty fun movies.

  2. VEry impressed by the high WWF score! I haven't read Stephanie Plum but I have a friend who loves them. Reading/housework ratio should always be high to low!

    How about exercise to housework ratio. Even scarier.

  3. Oh man, I have not played word games in forever. They are so addictive. I got pretty good by using word builders, faced the fact that I was a word game cheater who improved her vocabulary by cheating, then quit the habit.

    Looks like a fun summer for you so far! I am starting to wonder if we will even see anything above 90 this year here.

  4. Thanks for sharing! 112 points in wwf is crazy high. I was thrilled to have an 80 point word a few weeks ago.

    This summer is flying by. Everyone will be back in school before you know it.

  5. You are going to love those shoes. I have the exact same pair, have to retire them to walking shoes now. I know an amazing hair fella too. He is fantastic but out of town for a while. Let me know if you want his number.

  6. When I got married, my BIL's MIL (if you can follow that) told me I could have a sparkling house or a sparkling sex life. I remain happy with my decision, though Chevalier bought me a red vacuum cleaner in hopes I would use it. LOL

    THANK YOU FOR PLAYING! Love all the photos, love the costumes, love Kage, love you! You are the radness!!!

    SuperKate, all the way.

  7. My mother hated Halloween, too--well, she didn't hate Halloween, she hated anything that smacked of crafty. I'm afraid I'm going down that path myself, though I do love a good Halloween party. Fortunately, I'm good at choosing friends who are far more creative than I am. :^)

    This list reminds me that I need to get on the money wagon again. I have four bank statements that need reconciling, and I've been avoiding it because I'm afraid.

  8. I use a variaty of Advocare products....my faves are the catalyst, spark energy drink, and the v16. I do have the energy gel but haven't tried it yet (my running has taken a back seat thanks to my foot prob). I've used the MSN Max E (shakes, vitamins, and energy drink) and like it the first go round (lost a few pounds even) but taking pills 30 mins prior and then with meal twice a day became a hassle...


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