January Recap

Books read: 

The Art of Keeping Cool  - coming of age type of story about a boy who's living with his mother near his paternal grandparents while his dad is a pilot fighting in WWII. I had picked it up a couple years ago at a yard sale for Jacob. He never read it, and I was trying to decide whether to save it for him or just put it with our donation pile. It was OK, but I don't think he'll ever read it. Goodwill it is.

The Graveyard Book (Neil Gaiman) - After the murder of his family when he's a baby, a boy is raised in a graveyard by the inhabitants. Assigned reading for Jacob's Language Arts class. It sounded interesting, so I read it before he took it to school. Really enjoyed this one.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (George RR Martin) While part of me wants to refuse to read anything GRRM writes until he finishes the Game of Thrones series, the less disciplined part of me just wants to get back to that world however I can. I really enjoyed this prequel, which has a considerably different tone (less violence, no sex) than previous books in the GOT series.

The Sleepwalker (Chris Bojalian) When a mother with a history of sleepwalking suddenly disappears, her older daughter seeks to learn what happened. So good!

New recipes:
  • Roasted Broccoli, Radicchio, and Chickpeas (Shape mag) - gross
  • Jamaican jerk chicken with swiss chard (Shape mag) - delicious! I need bigger pans or something, though.
  • A bunch of new recipes shared on my friend Kristen's meal prep/clean eating Facebook page. I've wanted to be more organized about meal prep and not been disciplined enough to figure it out for myself, so the page has been a huge asset. I really love being able to come home and just heat up one of several healthy meals I prepped on Sunday.

Goals: This year I set several training goals for myself: 5000 miles (or 500 hours, since mountain biking for me yields way fewer miles for the time) on the bike, 500 miles on foot (running/walking/hiking/etc.), 52 hours of yoga, and 30 hours of strength training. Thank goodness for youtube; I can never manage to commit to a class, but I can usually fit in a 10+ minute yoga video.

Jan. miles run 33.6
Jan. strength training 2:10
Jan. yoga 6:20
Jan. miles biked 189.7


  • 1/7/17 Last Man Standing/Little Woods Progressive Ultra - 3* at the start, surprisingly comfortable, I ran two 4.1 mile laps and called it a day. 
Photo credit: Robin Misukonis
  • New (to me) bike! Because I definitely needed a third mountain bike.

    North Trace/St. Joe
    New bike day is the best!
  • 1/28/17 Babler Cold Nose-O (SLOC orienteering meet). Cleared the course, felt severely out of shape hiking up the steep hills there.

  • 1/29/17 Rocheport Roubaix - 50 mile gravel bike race  
    Rocheport Roubaix 2017
    Photo credit: Donovan Evans
What's up for February:  The Meramec O-Meet on 2/19, lots of gravel riding in preparation for March's Land Run, and more time on my feet to get me ready for the LBL 24 hour.


  1. I should start doing more meal prep. I like to cook, though, so I don't want to make things too much like an assembly line. It is nice to already have something prepared, though, especially when I work late unexpectedly.


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