Poor baby!

Sick jacob

Or...how I spent my snow day! Left work early yesterday since the weather was getting bad (and we actually got all of the forecast 9 inches of snow they expected). I hadn't been on the road long when I got a call from Jacob's day care: "He's running a fever."

Poor guy...looked pretty miserable when I picked him up (though still participating in the afternoon snack...whipped cream on graham crackers??!...food options at school/day care being a topic for another blog). Luckily, my school cancelled because of the snow, otherwise I'd be taking the day off, anyway.

And don't worry...in between doses of Motrin, he did get to play outside in the snow!


  1. HEY KATE!!! UGH--I am so sorry everyone is getting sick in your house! If you were close I would dtop off some soup for ya today! Hope everyone gets well soon--and that the snow takes a break. Meanwhile,..80 degrees here today. I feel so ripped off this winter.


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