Trip to Chicago

I had the best time last week! For the first time in 15 years, I had no responsibility for children or spouse...just got to be in charge of me! I went with some co-workers to Chicago for a conference for work. The conference was basically useless, but the week was a blast.

I got to hang out with 3 other girls from school, one of whom I know fairly well, and the others I got to know a lot better. We had a great time hanging out, making fun of the speakers (teachers are the WORST audience possible), and going out together afterwards. I even got to work out every day at the hotel fitness center. Between that and all of the walking we did in downtown Chicago, I probably worked off all of the calories I drank! It was just like being back in high school and hanging out with your girlfriends and not being responsible for anyone else.

Can you tell I had fun?? :)


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