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I've been hard at work on my second "book"...photo book, that is. I made Jeff an alphabet book of places we've been together for Christmas, and it turned out really well. I did it through blurb.com, in which I should have bought stock before I showed my book around school. I think half of my workplace now has some kind of photo book in mind now! The book did turn out really well, mostly because of the site. They have all of the templates...you just plug your photos and text into them.

Well, now I'm working on a book of the two-week camping trip we took out west in 2005. Our pictures have been sitting on CDs, few of them printed or even looked at, and I decided it was the perfect trip for my next project. Blurb is my scrapbook replacement. I don't have anywhere to leave out my scrapbooking things while I'm mid-project...probably why I still haven't scrapbooked our 2001 trip to Florida. By doing it on the computer, I can do it at my pace...and our digital photos will finally see the light of day!

It's definitely going to be a monster project though; we took over 1,000 pictures on the trip, and that's not counting the ones we're getting from his sisters. Luckily, I kept a journal of all the places and noteworthy events of the trip; otherwise, I'd have to go to some trouble to remember the names of some of the smaller sites we visited. I'm excited to have it finished. It'll be a while, though...I'm on day 4 and page 43!!

Another thing I want to make is kind of a yearbook for each year we've been together. We've taken a lot of trips together and with the boys, not to mention all of the games, school performances, family barbecues, and birthdays...and just pictures taken at home. I think it'll be a neat record of our lives for the kids to share with their own children some day. I'm planning on starting 2008 now and just keeping up as the year goes by. Hopefully I'll get to past years and other vacations by and by.


  1. You just reminded me that I need to do another book! I think I might get to it before this Christmas--lol!


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