Friday/Saturday recap

Oh, my...the weekend has been a whirlwind already, and we have two days left!!

Friday after school I met up with some friends from work for drinks. That was a blast. We got there about 3:30, and at 5:30 I realized I'd better call Jeff and let him know I wasn't going to make it in time to pick up Jacob. Oops. :D One of my friends and I determined that we need to go out together some time since her husband is always going out and Jeff doesn't like to. I hope we actually follow through. That all was a great start to the weekend, especially since I'm always whining about not getting to do things with friends. It's nice to move from just work friends to friends.

Today was Nathan's first OFFICIAL high school football game. He played last week, but that was just a scrimmage. His missed one pass for a touchdown, but he caught another one. Whew. They played really well and beat the other team 44-0. Go Tigers!

Nathan's game was at 10:00 and held about an hour and a half away from our town. After his first game, we had to drive back and past our town for Jeff's family reunion. We did some visiting, and I got to play in two softball games. The family reunion is about the only time each year that I play softball...and I don't play it well, but boy is it fun. I'm feeling it now tonight, though. One knee is sore, and my other heel is hurting. I'm definitely not used to running hard. Luckily (I guess), I rarely got past first base. :D

I went straight to church from the reunion (still wearing my Tigers Football t-shirt and shorts. Lovely), and then Jeff's cousin and his wife (the cousin's wife...not Jeff's obviously...haha) dropped me off at my former high school's football game (as if I haven't seen enough football for the day). I was about to fall asleep leaning on Jeff.

Now I'm dead tired, sitting at the computer uploading pictures so that tomorrow the camera memory card is free for all the BBQ and volleyball at my FIL's. And hopefully poor Jeff will feel good enough to enjoy the rest of the weekend. He's got a kidney stone and is really suffering. Has been for the past four days now. Looks like he's going to need to head back to the doctor.


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