Funny story

I have gotten to be close friends with my ex-husband's wife (Kim) over the past several years. It's probably not the most comfortable situation for HIM, but who cares, really? :D Anyway, because of our friendship and the fact that their youngest kids are Jacob's age, all of the kids have spent a decent amount of time around all of the adults and each other. Overall, it's a pretty nice situation. Apparently, however, it's caused some confusion for them...resulting in the following conversation that Kim related to me.

(For those who aren't that familiar with the situation, here's a brief cast of characters to help you out :D)

Kim--his current wife
Alyssa--her 16 yr. old daughter
Nicholas--their 5 yr. old son
Isabella--their 3 1/2 yr. old daughter

Kate--me (haha)
Jeff--my husband
Daniel, Nathan--our shared kids
Jacob--Jeff's and my 4 yr.old son

Kim had said something to Nicholas, to which he replied, "What-ev"

KIM: Where'd you get that? (that expression)

NICHOLAS: From Daniel, my bruth-uh. My bruth-uh from another muth-uh

KIM: (laughing) Where'd you get that?

NICHOLAS: From Nathan, my bruth-uh from another muth-uh. I don't know whose muth-uh, maybe Kate's muth-uh

KIM: No, that would be their grandmother. Kate is still Daniel and Nathan's mother. I'm their stepmom. I'm your mom and Isabella's mom.

ISABELLA: (hands on hips) Well, who's OUR stepmom?NICHOLAS: (matter of factly) Kate, probably.

KIM: You don't have a stepmom. I'm your mom, and Daddy is your daddy, and Kate is the boys' mom.

NICHOLAS: Well, then, what's Jeff to us?

ISABELLA: No fair! I want a stepmom!


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