Bike log

Working up to riding 225 miles this summer on the Katy Trail. Now I can keep track of my distances, times, and speeds thanks to the cool bike computer Jeff gave me for Valentine's Day!

Distance: 20.238 mi.
Time: 1:42:20
Max speed: 21.6 mph (full disclosure...going downhill!)
Avg. speed: 11.9 mph
Notes: First 9 miles were a breeze; once I turned around I was riding into the wind, and boy was it rough!!

Distance: 10.344 mi. (towing 50+ pound Jacob)
Time: 51:11
Max speed: 16.8 mph
Avg. speed: 10.8
Notes: towing Jacob was a LOT harder. Makes me wonder how much easier it would be on me to ride if I LOST 50 pounds!


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