Training log

Total miles: 28.896 (new longest ride!)
Max speed: 23.2 mph (downhill, I'm sure, but I managed a minute or so over 18 mph a couple of times)
Avg. speed: 12.1 mph
Temp: 70.2 degrees (considerably warmer than it was supposed to be, but with a cool breeze)
Calories: 1,077.2 (!!!!!!)

And I'm so grateful for my wonderful husband, who would like to spend the day with me but understands how important it is to me to be ready for this ride. So he took the boys to his dad's to work on the volleyball court while I rode. What a guy!


  1. WOW Kate! You're amazing! I'm so proud of you for following through on this HUGE challenge you're doing. Congratulations for riding so far!

    ...just wanted to say I was impressed! =)


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