My school is having a Biggest Loser-style competition. I've done this in the past with varying amounts of success. The first time, I lost 18 pounds. How wonderful!! The next couple of times, my motivation was GONE. I pretty much broke even.

This time around, there's an addition to the basics of our school contest (which, in the past, has been...lose weight...however). Three days a week we have optional exercise activities: "Muscle Monday" (go work out on exercise equipment at the middle school gym), "Tone-It-Up Tuesdays" (exercise video in the school gym), "Walk-It-Off Wednesdays" (power walking outside or inside, depending on the weather).

I had intended to go yesterday to the gym, but I didn't get out of my classroom until fairly late, and I decided to just go home and bike. That was quite the fitness adventure as towing Jacob definitely added some challenge to my ride. Today, I was beat. I started the day tired, and I was exhausted by the end. The absolute last thing I wanted to do was go do some exercise video, but I knew there were others who were going to be up there, so I did.

Oh, it was awful. The video mixed dance steps and kickboxing and is sooo not for a novice to do without some studying and practice of the moves. I was pretty hopeless, but boy did I sweat! And you know what? It was fun. I ended up much more energized than when I began.

I think there are some lessons here for me that go beyond weight loss. The motivation that being in a group adds...if you're in the right group. It really reinforces for me that I need to keep in my small group at church. And how important it is for me to keep going to the services.

The other lesson is a reminder that, while following God's way isn't necessarily easy, when we push ourselves to do what He wants rather than just flop back and do what we feel like doing, we benefit. Let me keep these lessons in focus when I want to do things the "easy" way. Let me remember that, in the end, His way is the right way to have the life I truly want.


  1. I love your last sentence about "easy" life. I agree that God did not put us here to live an easy life. He put as a here to make a difference! He has a plan and purpose for us to impact His Kingdom, to change lives for Him. And sometimes the preparation for that can be long and hard. But the blessing when we choose to say, "Yes, Lord" is greater than we could ever think or imagine!

    Blessings on your day,


  2. Thanks for sharing your lessons learned and your encouraging comment on my blog! You are a great friend and I'm SO thankful for you!



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