Training log 4/18/09

Much like last April, this one has been soooo rainy. Add to that the additional busyness of the boys' volleyball schedule (three matches this week), Jacob's swimming lessons, and a huge day of meetings to prepare for this week, and you get not much time to ride. I did manage a ride today, though, thanks to my wonderful husband who gave up my assistance working at the volleyball court and helping watch Jacob. I am truly blessed to have such an understanding man!!

Today was my first experience with riding in rain. A pretty steady drizzle the last 12 miles of the ride. The rain itself wasn't bad, though I learned a couple things today. Lesson #1: my jacket is NOT waterproof. I am now officially soaked! I left for the ride about 1/2 hour after lunch, so I assumed I wouldn't need to take any snacks with me. Wrong!! I felt so weak for the last third or so of the ride. It was really hard to keep going. Lesson #2: Always take some snacks along. You don't have to eat them, but you might need to.

Distance: 25.17 miles
Max speed: 21.8 mph (downhill)
Avg. speed: 11.7 (I did great first half; not so great on the way back.)
Time: 2 hours, 9 min.
Temp: 67.5
Calories burned: 908


  1. I'm still so amazed by your persistence and endurance.
    Life lessons learned from Kate:
    Lesson #1: Persistence pays... and gets us to our goal.
    Lesson #2: just keep pedaling, just keep pedaling... along in life =)
    Lesson #3: Snacks help maintain our energy to make it through the ride!! (hahaha!)
    Lesson #4: Friendship & love are the best support system there is...

    Thank you Kate for your friendship and love... your encouraging words always bless me so much. Thank you for your example of "stick-to-it-ness"... I love you dear friend and thank God for you each and every time I see your smiling face on Facebook or on my little blog.

    Have a blessed day & may it be as blessed as you have blessed me! =)



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