Club volleyball

We are entering our first foray into "elite" sports. Nathan tried out for and made a local (St. Louis area) club volleyball team. That's pretty exciting. He has a lot of potential to be a great player. The excitement, however, was quickly followed by stress.

Club volleyball is not only a huge financial commitment (and, honestly, we couldn't do it without help), but it also requires a large time commitment. Practice three times a week in St. Louis, I knew that before signing on. But last night I got an email about athletic training, uniform fittings, etc., all on top of the 2 hour parent meeting I have to be at this week. I'm hopeful that once things are set and they're on their regular schedule I won't have this ball of panic in my chest. I'm also keeping my fingers crossed that the other local boy who made the team has practice at the same time so that they can carpool.

Someone who also did the Tour de Coal ride on Saturday kindly emailed me with some suggestions for my first century. The main thing, of course, is to keep riding and get in at least one ride of a good distance. I'm hoping to manage something on Sunday, but with the way my week is shaping up I can't imagine how I'd get in a weeknight ride...and I'm tooo chicken to ride in the dark before school. (Not to mention the fact that getting up at 5:40 is plenty early for me!!)


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