Homecoming weekend

I remember being in high school and all the fun and excitement surrounding big events like Homecoming. Now that I'm parenting two teenage boys, I'm looking back at my high school days and appreciating all that my parents did to make that fun possible. Here's my Homecoming day this year:

10:15 Leave for Nathan's football game.

11-1 Football game. Brrr...what a difference between this game and two weeks ago when we were getting sunburned! Saturday I was huddled up in a blanket and holding onto the precious heat from my hot chocolate.

2:00 Pick up the girls' corsages
2:30 Eat lunch

3:00 Wash the body paint from last night's game off Daniel's back

3:30 Remind Nathan he has to get ready

3:45 Remind Nathan he has to get ready

4:00 Remind Nathan he has to get ready

4:15 Insist that Nathan get ready since we have to be at his girlfriend's house in 15 minutes.

4:20 Help decide between two ties

4:25 Make boys stand together for a picture of the two of them before the dance

4:30 Leave to pick up Nathan's girlfriend

4:35 Turn around to go back to house and get Nathan's girlfriend's corsage.

4:45 Pictures at Nathan's girlfriend's house.

5:00 Drop off Nathan and Delissa at supper.

5:15 Pictures at Daniel's girlfriend's house

5:45 Pick up Nathan and Delissa

7:45 Drop off Nathan and Delissa at the dance.

Ahhh....relaxing at home for a couple of hours. Took a nap...

10:45 Wake up and go to pick up Nathan and Delissa

10:50-11:10 Wait in insane line of traffic to get into the high school parking lot

11:40 Drop off Nathan and Delissa at party

12:00 Text from Jeff "Are you OK?" as I was pulling in driveway

Quick shower!!

12:35 Leave to pick up Nathan and Delissa from party

1:10 Drop off Delissa

1:30 Finally back in bed for the night!

It's so much more fun to be tired because you're the one having fun, but it makes me happy to see my kids enjoying their high school experience. And I'm soooo happy that prom is 6 months away!!


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