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We're getting ready to learn about graphing in my first grade classroom, so we've been sorting different collections of things by different ways. We've sorted students by different characteristics of their clothing; sorted completely different items into groups; and sorted foam pieces by shape, color, and size.

Today we worked on putting items from a group onto a graph. We had practiced this on the board with magnets yesterday, so we reviewed what to do as a group. Then, the students each sorted a handful of shapes by color and chose two colors to use. They were to glue their groups of shapes onto graph paper. After the review, we looked over their work together and decided if the graph could go into the "Yes! That's right!" group or the "No, not quite" group and taped them on the board. This is what we got the first time around:

New Message

After reviewing each graph and deciding if it was correct or not, we repeated the exercise. This time, we had a much better result:


It's always exciting to see the kids "get it". Now if only I can teach them to figure how many more and how many fewer!!


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