Stuffed shirt

Here's a partial list of things I've carried in my sports bra while running*
  • iPod/phone
  • granola bar
  • blister pack of medicine
  • money
  • empty cup (OK, that was actually while biking, and only til I found a trash can) 
  • i.d.
  • car key one point on yesterday's run, I couldn't find my car key.  Yes, I lost it in my top.  I started to freak out a little because a) it's the only one; and b) it could've been anywhere along the 5.5 mile path.  I tried to subtly feel around for it as I ran, but finally I had to stop and fish around in my top until I found it.  Classy, very classy.

Clearly, my bare bones running gear isn't cutting it anymore.  Besides the lost and found key, I also worry that I'm going to drown my phone in sweat.  I normally wear the tops with a built in shelf bra and tuck the phone between the top and my actual sports bra to limit its contact with moisture, but my clothes are all soaked by the time I'm finished, so I'm not sure how much protection that is.

My question for you is what do you use? Running belt?  Armband (can't put my phone in that bc the screen is cracked and the armband now does all kinds of crazy things to the volume)? Shorts with pocket?  Something else? I could use some recommendations.  Money is limited, and now that I'm going to have to buy a mountain bike so I can do this next year, I want to make the best choice for the money...and avoid any more bra fishing expeditions on the trail.


  1. i use a running belt, but it has a big pocket for a large water bottle. If I run too far with the water bottle full, I notice my back hurts. If I just use the belt to hold id, badge, phone....I am fine. I got mine from a New Balance store.

  2. Buy a waste pack or better known as the "fanny pack"...they r big enough and small enough and should be able to fit all your stuff. Good luck.

  3. Wow, all that in one bra?! Thats a talent, for sure!
    I use a Ifitness Belt, I get really picky about holding, wearing, etc anything, but the Ifitness belt soesnt feel like its even on, and I can fit a TON of crap in it!

    Flax oil hu? I was eating it in oatmeal earlier this year.. I obviously need to start again! THANKS SO much for the tip!! Please let me know, are you taking it just by the spoonful?

  4. Jenny & Rad, I'm thinking a running belt is the way to go. @ly, I think a fanny pack would bounce more than I'd be comfortable.

    Yes, seeing as most of the weight I've lost has dropped off my chest, there's PLENTY of room in my sports bra now...another thing I need to invest in replacing. As for the flaxseed, I posted this on your page, too...I think my friend told me 1 tsp, 3 x day, but at Wal-Mart in the vitamin/supplement section they had a bottle of flaxseed oil capsules, so I just take 1 with every meal. It seems to make a difference.

  5. I had to get a different running belt b/c the pocket in the old one wasn't big enough for my new EpiPen i have to carry (see latest post)...but I got an amphipod from REI and it is amazing. I highly recommend it/that brand.


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