We play dirty

Saturday was busy. J had his first soccer game at 10:15, and I decided it would be a good opportunity to fit in a few of the miles I'd blown off that week. I asked Jeff if he minded if I ran to the soccer fields (~5 miles) and met them there. My plan was to leave at about 9:30, which would give me plenty of time. Unfortunately, I started feeling guilty that Jeff had to do all the loading of the car, so I offered to help him load it first, which set me back about 15 minutes. Finally I started off and got my new Nike+GPS app going.

Preliminary app review: Looking at new apps last week, I noticed that Nike+ had a GPS app out. I liked running with the Nike+ sensor (except for the tricky fact that it wasn't set quite right for the first month or so), so I sprang for the $1.99 the app cost. Set-up is pretty much like the orignial Nike+ and is easy to do. I started running, and at each mile it gave me my pace. Every time it gave me my pace, it was around 7:30. Now, I was feeling good and felt like I was running strong, but I am NOT fast, especially not without great effort. When I finished, the paces the app reported ranged from 18+ min/mile to sub-7 min mile pace. I walk faster than 18 min miles, and NO WAY was I EVER, even downhill, under 7 min./mile. Disappointing.

Now, I'm going to give it another chance since, after cracking my phone I can't use the armband and had it stuffed inside my sports bra. I'm going to give it the benefit of doubt and try again while holding the phone on a short run. So we'll see.

Oh, and my pace for the run? A blistering 9:48.

With a pace like that, I got to the soccer fields at about 10:30...just in time to leave. I got to see J run on the field, but I never even saw him touch the ball (and apparently we missed a good game!). We rushed to the tournament for our first game and still had a little bit of time before they got it going.

Mud volleyball 9/11/10

Here I am bumping the ball. I played pretty well in the first games and not as well in the later ones.

Mud volleyball 9/11/10

Jeff always seems to get much muddier than me. He must be trying harder.

Mud volleyball 9/11/10

Unlike the mud at our Hannibal tournament, this mud is pretty shallow and doesn't give as much when you dive. Or fall.

Mud volleyball 9/11/10

I had a combination fall/dive and ended up covered in mud from the waist down in the back. Messy, messy. Fun, fun, fun.

We played 3 games to 20 and won each of them. The tournament was double elimination, and we lost our next two games. Had we won the fourth game, we would have been in the championship. As it was, the two teams that knocked us out won first and second places.

Once the tournament was over, I had to get showered and packed to head to Springfield for Sunday's century. I got out of the shower and laid down on the bed. I had no energy to do anything. Finally I got moving, packed about 3 times the clothes I needed for my OVERNIGHT stay, and put some clothes on. We rolled out of town a little bit before 5, and if I wasn't driving, I'd have slept the whole way up there!

As it was, I had a nice opportunity to talk to my aunt. We met up with a friend from the Katy Trail ride, had some dinner at Outback (not my favorite restaurant, but it was a fantastic meal!), and hit the beds.


  1. okay? i am missing something with this mud volleyball thing. is this a populat thing in the midwest now? it looks like fun in the mud and with it.

  2. I know of three tournaments in this general (2-3 hour radius) area over a year. We've played in all three at one time or another. As far as it being popular "now", the one we play in at Hannibal MO has been going on now for about 30 years.

    It's a blast. Totally different than regular volleyball, but absolutely fun. And very challenging. You haven't had a workout until you've spent a few hours running and diving in the mud after a volleyball!


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