Take me out to the ballgame...but give me a nap first!

We went to watch the Cardinals play the Cubs tonight at Busch Stadium for an early birthday present for Jeff, who will celebrate number 45 on Sunday. My husband is a HUGE baseball fan. Me, I'd prefer to bring a book. I love sports, but more when I'm the one participating. 

Today in particular would not have been my first choice for a ballgame. I had an 8-mile speedwork workout scheduled, and the game meant there was no time to fit in a long run after work. So, I set the alarm for 4 a.m. and after about 5 1/2 hours of sleep actually managed to get up. 

My plan called for a 1-mile w/u, 4 x 1600 @ 8:36 with 800 jogs, and then 1-mile cooldown. Splits for the speedwork intervals were 8:32, 8:36, 8:36, 8:48. So close! Overall time was 1:18...a 9:51 pace. What amazes me is that here I was, running 8 miles before anyone in my house was up!

The great thing about these morning runs is the energy I have the rest of the day! Even after getting way too little sleep, I felt great...until driving home from work. All I wanted was a nap, and there was no time for that. Of course, baseball isn't known for its speedy contests, so I felt lucky that it was "only" 3 hours.

 I've been known to root for the opposing team if it'll get me home sooner, and while I never actually cheered for the Cubs, the Cardinals made me VERY nervous in the bottom of the 9th when they had bases loaded and the tying run at bat. I've had plenty of experience with eternal extra-inning games. Luckily for me, our team blew it and I'm heading to bed. 


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