30 random facts

1. I've lived in Illinois for my entire life.

2. I have a blog that I update almost daily (of course, you know this).  I also have a book blog.

3. I'm surrounded by men. Somehow, it's not the same as I imagined it would be when I dreamed of it in high school. Of course, these men are my husband, dog, and sons, not the Chippendales. Sigh.

Chippendales - Rio,  Las Vegas
That's not me.  Any of them. 
Photo credit: Marion Cerrato (via Flickr)
4. I'm going to run a marathon in May. I can't wait! :)

5. I'm doing a 12-hour adventure race in September with my brother Jim. You have to be mountain bike, run, canoe, and use a map to navigate to different checkpoints in Mark Twain Nat'l Forest. Since I can't read a map or mountain bike without breaking something, I have some work to do before September.

6. My classroom management is better than I give myself credit for, because my "best class in the world" isn't nearly as good for my student teacher.

7. I love my job. I have the best job in the world this year because I have the best class in the world this year....however...

8. If someone would pay me enough to write, I could be convinced to quit my job. :) But they'd have to pay me quite a bit before I quit.

9. Or I'd love to be a stay at home mom, but mostly when my kids are in school.

10. Book reviewers have the best job ever.

11. Well, and restaurant reviewers.

La Sixième Heure
Again, not me
Flickr photo by Tom/an untrained eye http://www.flickr.com/photos/an_untrained_eye/4154064402/
12. I'd like to be a combination book/restaurant reviewer. I could read while I ate for free. And get paid to give my opinions. What's not to love?

13. I get to play basketball once a week with a great group of girls. We play for an hour straight and don't keep score.

14. Between my housekeeping disability and my husband's hoarder tendencies, if I don't show up for work one day you'll probably find me buried under boxes of Goodwill "finds".

15. My least favorite words in the world are "What's for dinner?..............Awwww, gross...I HATE that!!" I hear that just about every day.  And in our house, we consider "fair" the F-word.

16. I ran my first half marathon in October. It was awesome. Especially the part where I crossed the finish line and got to stop.

17. I've ridden the length of the Katy Trail (~225 miles) twice. It's got me for maybe one more trip before my aunt and I strike out for another state's ride.

2010 Katy Trail bike ride
This one is me.
18. I'm in serious need of a girls' night out.

19. I love that facebook has given me a chance to reconnect with friends from grade school, high school, and college, as well as get to know some cool new people better.

20. It took me 11 years and 2 kids to graduate from college.

21. Two out of my three kids were "accidents" (it's ok...they know that), but quite a few have guessed that my youngest was. (He wasn't)

22. I used to want to go on Survivor, but now I'd rather be on The Amazing Race.  I like family Survivor just fine, though.
Survivor 2010
I'm the old one.  You know, in case you weren't sure
23. A poem I wrote won 4th runner up for Illinois in a national poetry contest, but it was about my mom, so I couldn't show it to her. Or you. Because how do I know I can trust you not to show it to her?

24. I still write poems (or fragments of them), and I have a novel that's been bouncing around in my head for about about 14 years, but I don't think it has a happy ending and I prefer things with happy endings.

25. My ex-husband's wife is one of my bestest friends.

26. My iTunes playlist looks like a schizophrenic compiled it.

27. You know when someone tells you something and you wonder how you're even on the same planet? Yeah, me too.

28. I'd like to take a cross-country bike trip.

29. I usually read our book club selection after book club. Well, sometimes.

30. I think it would be really nice to have somebody take care of me for a while.

31. If I didn't tag you it's just because I thought you wouldn't do this. Or didn't get to your name before I got to 25 people. But I'm still nosy about what you would put. Feel free to play along.

32. Yeah, I know this is 32 things not 30. What can I say...I'm a rebel.

33. Crap. I just reread the rules, and I was supposed to tag 30 people. Oh, well. See #32.


  1. Ok, as a guy number 13 sounds like a good hour of basketball wasted. How do you know who won?!?

  2. Lol. What's funny is that I almost added "Guys don't get this" to that item. :) But to answer your question, we don't care who wins. I don't even always know how many baskets I made, let alone the team. We just get out there, play our asses off, and are thankful to be out with friends running and playing and pushing ourselves (maybe not quite like) like we did in high school/college.


  3. Movie and Music critics have the best life or my dream job. Well, along with Kindergarten Teachers!

    Congrats on a fun life! Interesting you and the ex of your hubby are so close. Says something about all of ya - in a very good way.

  4. I love your list! We can be a movie/book/restaurant reviewer team quit our jobs, and WRITE all day. My extended family lives in Illinois and there are way more places to eat there than Ohio so I'll come to you! ;)

  5. I'm surrounded by women and it is not the way I thought it would be either. Wife, 3daughters, and 3dogs.

  6. Slomo, it looks like Kristen is calling movies, but we appear to have an opening for a music reviewer. :)

    Kristen--head on over, girl! I think it would provide a valuable service to our readers if we reviewed spas. I could even be persuaded to review resorts. I'm selfless like that.

    Patrick--funny how life works out, isn't it? :)

  7. Wonderful list...seems like you have a good sense of humor to boot! :O) I always dreamed of being a writer (and a teacher and a police officer) but it takes me "like forever" to put a decent paragraph together that I'd end up starving (and I like food too much!)!

  8. I was thankful to be out with friends down the pub after a game that we had won so I could take the piss on the fact they lost. But hey Mars, Venus and all that.


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