Hipstamatic photo contests

I took a break on this morning's run to take a few pictures of a scene I liked with a tree against a prairie restoration area. 

The plain picture

Same picture in black and white

I'm a big fan of the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone, which is what I used to take the B/W picture.  I also took the below pictures using the Salvador Dali mode (film, lens).  I entered them in two Hipstamatic photo contests, one "Field of Dreams" and one "Channel Your Inner Salvador".  You can click on the link below them to vote on both facebook and/or twitter.

Field of Dreams:
Hipstamatic Contest Entry
View my contest entry here: hpstm.tc/25cf

Channel Your Inner Salvador:

Hipstamatic Contest Entry
View my contest entry here: hpstm.tc/25ch
Thanks for voting if you do! :)


  1. Oh Kate,
    I love it! It is such a beautiful country picture to start out with and even more interesting when you change things up a bit:) You did good!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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