Sneak preview

While in the Chicago area for my son's volleyball tournament, the beautiful little (800 acres) nature preserve was about two minutes from the tournament site. Great spot for my long run...and while the distance was only 10 miles, the snow helped make it a long run, indeed!


  1. "only 10miles"? What's up with that?

  2. Can't wait to hear about it! Next time you come up we're running together.

  3. "Only 10 miles" as in my time makes it sound like I ran much further. Unfortunately not as in "ooh, running that ten miles was soooo easy".

    Kovas, sounds like a plan.

  4. Hi Kate,
    Looks like you had a great place for a 10 mile run:) I love the nature preserves around here too!

    I am supposed to run 10 miles today. Hopefully the weather will cooperate:) Nice job with your running/training Kate! Keep it up! Hugs!

  5. You are too good for words. REALLY.

  6. "only 10 miles?" Now you're starting to sound like a runner!


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