Snow day = fun day

All week the forecasters predicted snows of 2-6" for Wednesday/Thursday.  I had steeled myself for a measley 2 inches and going to school today while my kids stayed home in a television-induced snow day coma.  Instead, I woke to 10.5" of snow with an eventual total of about a foot.  This is easily the best snow we've had in the seven years we've lived in this house, and we made the most of it.

We started the day off with blueberry pancakes, because occasionally I'm a good mommy and make my children breakfast.  Then, it was off to shovel our driveway.

That's the sound of the men...workin on the

You can fit about 6-8 cars in our driveway, which is lovely for parties and no fun when it comes time to shovel off a foot of snow.  Just sayin'.

My fancy snow clothes.  Middle layer was fleece pajama pants.  :)  And note the (literally) 30-year old moon boots.

Next, it was off to scare up some work shoveling driveways in our neighborhood.  I work with the kids, and you can bet I'm taking my share of the money, which is being saved towards a pair of waterproof pants for my adventure race.  J., well-trained through Boy Scout popcorn sales, was all about being the one to knock on the door.  We only managed to get two customers, though, which was both good and bad.  I'd have liked to make more money, but I was beat by the time we finished the last house.  And very glad to have two strong teenage boys to share the work.

We took a break for hot chocolate and chili, then it was time to play in the snow.  N. and J. teamed up against me and built a pretty cool snow fort.  It had a tunnel...

That's a 6'4" boy in that was actually pretty good-sized.
A bunker...

J-sized hole behind the flag
And a long wall...

Great wall of snow-a
One might even call it a "Great" wall...if one was a dork.  :)

Even the dog got in on the act!

Berkeley after an hour or so outside

Does his beard not remind you of this guy?

So, anyway, the boys' snow fort was pretty cool, but I think I did a nice job on mine, too.

Snow fort
It may be hard to see the awesomeness of it from the picture.  Trust me.  Even J said it was "pretty good" (thought I think the unspoken rest of that sentence was "...for a girl")

And that wasn't the end of the snow day fun.  After Jeff got home, I headed out the the trails at our local university for a short run.  I didn't plan to run long at all, but it was so snowy that I hated to pass up the opportunity to get out there.  I figured I'd jog around a little, take a few pictures, and head back home.

When I got there, though, I was suprised to run into Patrick (who'd already been out running in the snow once) and some of his friends from Metro Tri Club (which I've been hovering back and forth about joining and think I'm ready now to actually sent that $15 check) out for a trail run.  They were kind enough to let me tag along for a half hour or so before I needed to head back home.  It was a blast! And my new trail shoes, while slipping around a little in the snow, did just fine too.

Snow + trail
Heading to the trailhead-note that I'm in the back, as always. :)
And some random snow pictures from the way back from the run.  I was mostly playing around with the Hipstamatic app on my phone and enjoying the scenery.




Fresh snow
Took a wrong turn coming back and ended up breaking my own trail through fresh snow.  Sooo pretty out.

All in all, it was a Very Good Day.  Hope yours was, too!


  1. OMG your dog has a beard! At first I was like, "What is that?" and then you made the comment about it resembling "this guy's beard" so I knew!
    Great pictures. You certainly make winter look more fun than it is where I live.

  2. That is so cool! My son dreams of a snow day but in SA that will not happen. I dream of running in the snow and that might still happen one day. Have a good weekend!

  3. It was good to see you out on the trail, and I was glad you made it back to your car with my directions.

  4. Kind of a bummer your dog looks better and tougher then me. Oh well. Looks like you all had great fun in the snow! And then a run?

  5. Great pictures! Winter is such a beautiful time of year. Crazy to get 10", but sounds like you and the boys had a great time helping clear your neighbors driveways. :)

  6. That makes the snow falls that bought the UK to a grinding halt like the sprinkling on top of a cake.

  7. Sandra, it was a lot of fun. And yeah, we don't walk anywhere without somebody mentioning the dog's beard. He's unique looking, for sure.

    Johann, maybe you can take him to visit Minnesota or Wisconsin in the winter. I'd offer Illinois, but you can't count on snow here...just have to enjoy it when it falls.

    Patrick, your directions were fine, I just saw the sign for trail 1 and followed it, instead.

    Kovas, he probably spent a little more time with his face in the snow. Maybe if you try harder next time?

    Simon, our city actually had the roads cleaned off pretty quickly (that is, by the time we were outside at 10...I wouldn't have wanted to be trying to get to work).

  8. Great dog picture! I can't believe you got out for a trail run in all that snow! Kudos!

  9. Sounds like you had a perfect day. That was a lot of snow, glad you got out to enjoy it.

  10. You are overly active girl. You put my jammie snow days to shame! Please do come visit and we will bowl! I want a cool bowling shirt though!

  11. oh my goodness, just looking at your pictures is making me shiver! But I'm from Texas.

  12. I cannot imagine how could be my life with all that snow. Thanks for sharing the pictures so I can have an idea.
    The dog with the iced beard is wonderful!

  13. Ok, I need a serious nap after reading all you did in the snow - wow! I tend to be a big hermit in that stuff. Did you rename your dog Kovas, by chance? :) He looks like he was having a blast, along with the rest of the fam. My kids always have to have hot chocolate after hours in the snow, too...I think that's written in some bylaws, isn't it!? And you made me laugh out loud at the rain pants for the adventure race comment...hoarding the cash :).

    Have a super great Sunday!!!!!


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