What do you suppose is the best way to spend the evening before you go to watch a two-day volleyball tournament?

Nathan (103) looking short
N, #103, looked short next to these guys.  He's about 6'3".
If you said "Go to a 3-hour volleyball tryout", you pretty much called my evening.  My son tried out this evening for the USA Volleyball National Team. Now, it sounds impressive, but anyone can try out.  Making the team, any of the teams...that would be impressive.  And expensive.  We'll see what happens.

As if that wasn't enough volleyball, tonight my school had its annual students vs. faculty volleyball and basketball games.  Since the tryout was about 10 minutes from our middle school, I dropped N. off early and scooted over.  I managed to change clothes in my car during stoplights (I'm pretty impressed with myself, I have to say) and ran into the gym just as they were announcing the team. 

Teachers won in two games. :)

I'm headed to bed and excited for tomorrow's Dirty Girls mountain bike clinic.  My friends who were supposed to go bailed to avoid the snow and cold.  Now, I'm not all that tough, but I am stubborn, and I had to make all kinds of arrangements so I could go...so I'm going.  And after that, I'm going to watch some volleyball.  Two days' worth.  Wish me luck, and the boys luck, and hopefully I'll have lots of good pictures to share.


  1. The only sport that my daughter's high school is good at is vollyball. Last year the boys went undefeated and this year they lost only their last game (the championship game). Her friend Steven was recruited by a bunch of colleges but since he was too short (only 6'5") he wasn't able to make the top college cut (he said they were really looking for at least 6'8"). He did, however, still make a smaller (no pun intended) school and is now playing VB as a college frosh.

    High end volleyball can be very intense.

    Enjoy the tourney!

  2. How the hell is it possible to get changed in a car whilst waiting at lights? I can just manage to get a coat or jumper off if I'm too hot. That is quite impressive well done!

    Also...Happy Delurking day for yesterday!

  3. I was never good at any sport that includes a ball. Sadly my son got a lot of my genes.

  4. Simon, it's easier than one would think, but a feat I declined to repeat after today's bike ride. Daylight and all.

  5. Now, I'm thinking I would have said something like, "Consume much alcohol" or "Eat 14 Red Velvet cupcakes" on the evening before a two-day tournament....but I'm obviously not a good mother! ;)

    YAYYAYAYAYAAAYAAYYA for not giving in and skipping the bike clinic like your (lame?) friends!! You Be Awesome, girl!!!

  6. Ooh, Jill...I like your thinking!

    Not lame, just not as stubborn as me.

  7. 1. Dang! I wouldn't be biking in snow!

    2. I love the Cliff's notes version! Funny!!

  8. I admire a woman who bikes and changes her clothes in the car.




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