Five things Friday

1.  Today was my second straight day home with a sick little boy.  We've had insanely beautiful weather.  It's already a three-day weekend because of President's Day, which meant that getting a sub under these circumstances was no picnic for our school secretary.  I don't think I'll be winning any popularity contests when I get back to school on Tuesday afternoon (yes, that's right...I'll have had a 5 1/2 day weekend because N's knee dr appt is Tuesday morning).

2.  I ran today for the first time since Saturday's treadmill run.  Not because I was hurting from that run; in fact, I felt surprisingly good afterwards.  My legs were a little tight, but not bad at all.  Either that's a benefit of doing the run on a nice, flat treadmill, or I'm getting into shape (finally!).  If it's the former, I'll be hurting after 16 miles (which will be my new longest distance) on the trails on Sunday.

3.  In an effort to get some of the older food out of our freezer, I made quiche today (using frozen leftover chicken and frozen pie crust I didn't use at Christmas).  My "use up the old food" dinner still necessitated a trip to the grocery store for extra ingredients.  Oh, well.  All the kids ate and loved it.

Chicken, bacon, broccoli quiche

4. Currently reading: The Extra Mile by Pam Reed. One of two running-related books I got for Valentine's Day. Seeing as my husband was thoughtful enough to give me things running-related when he couldn't care less about running, I'm going to overlook the fact that he gave me a big bag of Dove chocolates and still speak to him.

5.  I finally finished the puzzle we started as a family back during our snow days.  When I say "I", you can understand that to mean that I put in the last pieces, but it was a family effort.  Sort of.

Cute, huh?


  1. so did you hide the last piece so you say "I"?

  2. Sorry to hear about you sick boy...I'm sure it didn't make for a fun day off! I hope you'll share how the running book is. I'm currently reading "Running-The Sacred Art" by Warren Kay-so far so good!

  3. Looks good, but I can't eat quiche. I'm too manly.

  4. Mike, I would totally do that. :)

    Tori, I try to review most of the books I read. (bc what the world needs is more of my opinions lol).

    Chris K, bracelets, but no quiche. Got it.

  5. I love quiche! Have not done a puzzle since I was like 10. Dove can send them to me! :) Let us know how the book is. :)

  6. We do puzzles at my kids' grandmas house and I get all wrapped up in them and become obsessed. I hate to be rude by not doing them because she always puts them out thinking I love them, when in fact I don't because my ocd won't allow me to NOT finish it and so next time I vow not to touch the stupid thing. Ha. I like your one of the dogs, I could totally see me sorting black dog pieces into 10 different categories. :)

    Hope your son is feeling better soon!!

    I was in the main office yesterday when the sub secretary was trying to find a replacement sub for a sub for the long-term sub of a teacher who was out on maternity leave. Yes, a sub was finding a sub for a sub for a sub. That was comical.

  7. Beautiful puzzle! My grandson is a puzzles wizard, unbelievable how fast he is.
    Sorry for your sick boy and .... the runs on the "dreadmill".

  8. LOVE the new look!!!! Love the puzzle, Love the quiche! Next time let me know if advance, I'll start heading your way!


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