Birthdays and packing and races, oh my!

D (19) getting the little brother candle assist

Today was my oldest son's 19th birthday.  According to the twisted math employed on each of my birthdays, that means I was 10 when he was born.  In actuality, he is now the age I was when he was born...don't think that doesn't blow my mind.  I truly hope that he doesn't follow in my footsteps in that regard, and I hope that if he did I'd respond as well as my own parents did.

Decisions, decisions
Now that our birthday party guests are gone, I'm supposed to be packing up for Saturday's Castlewood 8-Hour, my second "official" adventure race.  Unlike last time, when my brother and I were a complete newbie team, I'll be racing as part of a 4-person team with Orange Lederhosen.  I met Derrick and Emma at the Deuce (the adventure non-race back in March) and then got to meet some of the other guys in September at Berryman.  Since Jim and I ran into them several times during that race, the guys know what they're in for in taking me on. 

Photo stolen from the Lederhosen website
Not only will I lack the distinctive team jersey, but I'm also deficient in the facial hair department.  Normally, this is something of an asset as a woman, but between the Lederhosen guys and my other favorite boy band adventure racing team, I'm starting to get a complex about my smooth face.  Luckily, last night I found the answer to my problems!

How freaking cool is this?!!??
Photo from:
I'm too cheap to spend the $25-50 I've seen these listed for, so I'm totally going to learn how to crochet.  Unless it's a knitting pattern.  Then I'm going to have to outsource my beanie.  But really, I must have one.


  1. Happy Birthday to your son! December 1 is the best birthday.
    Good luck in your race this weekend. How exciting!

  2. You could crochet the facial hair or call them out on the website photo. Looking at their faces, they were not running at a sustainable pace :-).

  3. I can't tell you how awesome those hats are! I'm totally getting one for my nePhew, Austin, so he doesn't feel left out the next time he races with us.

    Good luck this weekend. And save us a seat for the awards ceremony!

  4. would look awesome in that knitted beard/mustache thingamagig, totally cool!

    Good luck with the adventure race, and have tons of fun, as you always do :).

  5. Ahhhh a knitted beard!
    Do it! I want to see a picture!

    Have a great time!!!

  6. I love the beard beanie! Love it! Now I'm going to crochet it and convince Chris to wear it!

  7. That beard is fantastic - but your lack of a beard is your biggest asset in the race. They need a girl to round out the team - you're the MVP!

  8. It would TOTALLY look good on you! What a hoot!

  9. I totally want to see a picture of you wearing the fake beard. I want one of those for school. That would elevate my cool status.

  10. LOL how funny! and I can totally see you wearing it! I'd offer to assist in making one but I don't crochet or knit that good!


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