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At the finish line with my Orange Lederhosen teammates
We finished today's Castlewood 8-Hour adventure race in just under 9.5 hours, under the time cut-off and so good for my first "official" adventure race finish.  The race was awesome, as was getting to hang out with a lot of really cool AR friends..  I've been up since 3 a.m., and I'm beat, so I'll leave you with these thoughts until I get a real report written:

Guys who wear lederhosen, especially orange lederhosen, are pretty much guaranteed to be good company.

My race satisfaction has a high rate of correlation with the topography.  That is, I'm much happier to be racing when the ground is flat than when we're hiking up and down what feel like 72 degree inclines.

Pain is temporary; running further uphill than Bob is forever.

Adventure racing today, for me:

After we'd been trekking for a while: I can't wait to get on the bikes.

After we'd been biking for a while: I can't wait to get off the bikes!

After we'd been in the canoes for 12.3 seconds: I can't wait to get back on the bikes.

After we were on the bikes again: Yeah, I'm ready to be off this bike.  I hope we get to do more trekking.

On the trekking (final) leg: I can't wait till we get to the finish line and get some pizza!

At the finish line: I can't wait to do this again!!!

When I found out all the pizza was gone.
You might take all of the above as evidence that it's impossible to make me happy, but I'd have to disagree because I had an absolute blast.  I'd tell you it means there is always something new to look forward to, and being tired of one discipline makes some less-enjoyable ones (I'm looking at you, paddling!) seem a little more desirable.  The grass is always greener, and all that.

Well, until you're actually in the canoe.


  1. Oh my gosh, this is hilarious! But did you wear the fake knitted beard you put up in the last post?? I can't wait for the full report.

  2. How much fun that sounds! Awesome job out there. I can totally relate to that "can't wait until the xxx," from doing triathlons. The best, though, is that you finished saying "can't wait to do it again." Congrats!

  3. Ha ha ha! I am still laughing at that picture. Great job and what a fun time!

  4. haha - your conversations with yourself sounded just about right! Glad you had fun!!

  5. Sounds like an amazingly good (crazy) time...sign me up!

    and as for "impossible to make me happy" been there done that bought the coffee mug! Isn't that a pre-requist (sp) for being an AWESOME woman?

  6. Congrats Kate! That is quite an accomplishment and sounds like you had fun (in a round about way) doing it.

    That sucks the pizza was gone :-(.

  7. Wow! This is a short report. I love that first picture. Yeah, they must be great guys to hang out with. Not a lot of worries about what others think!

    Funny how the grass is always greener. Hope you got some pizza somewhere! Do you have your next adventure race lined up yet?

  8. During races I waffle between "I can't wait for this to be over" and "I'll never do this again", but after each race it turns to "Next time I will do xyz differently." So I guess all is good as long as we're always looking happily forward to "next time". Love the lederhosen! Bummer about the lack of pizza at the end.

  9. Another great adventure! You are just amazing...and pretty hilarious :)

  10. Sounds pretty awesome! Do you get a partial refund since the pizza was gone?

  11. Looks like a fun group! Congrats on finishing and wanting more.

  12. Unbelievable but I just had dinner with .... pizza!!!!


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